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Political Science
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Professor Ron Krebs (Ph.D., Columbia University, 2003) conducts research at the juncture of international relations and comparative politics, with particular interests in the origins and consequences of international conflict and military service and in language and politics. He is the author of Fighting for Rights: Military Service and the Politics of Citizenship (Cornell University Press, 2006), and is co-editor of In War's Wake: International Conflict and the Fate of Liberal Democracy (Cambridge University Press, 2010). Prof. Krebs is currently working on two major projects: (1) Liberty's Trial: International Conflict and the Health of Democracy, which explores the long-run effects of conflict on democratic institutions and processes; and (2) Narrative and the Making of US National Security, which seeks to explain the rise and fall of dominant national security narratives in the United States and to show how those narratives have shaped US foreign policy. See Professor Krebs' website for more detailed information on these and other projects and for a full listing of his publications.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Political Science, Columbia University, 2003.
  • A.B.: Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University, 1995.


  • international relations theory
  • international security
  • the sociology of war and military service
  • language and politics
  • counterterrorism
Courses Taught
  • POL 1025 - Global Politics
  • POL 4885 - International Conflict and Security
  • POL 8401 - Theories of International Relations
  • POL 8402 - International Security: A Survey of the Field
  • POL 8460 - Topics: Consequences of War
  • Military Force and International Politics (freshman seminar)
  • Terrorism and Homeland Security (seminar, Master of Science in Security Technologies program)
  • Fulbright Senior Scholar Award (Israel), fall 2012
  • United States Institute of Peace Grant, 2009 - 2011
  • McKnight Land-Grant Professorship, University of Minnesota, 2006 - 2008
  • Donald D. Harrington Faculty Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin, 2006 - 2007