Meet the Board

  • Brandyn DeMers

    Brandyn DeMers

    Business & Marketing Education, 2019
    Shakopee, MN
    "The CLA Business Club provides opportunities through the right doors."
  • Jenny Hering

    Jenny Hering

    Vice President
    BIS, 2018
    Waterville, MN
    "A CLA degree gives a wide range of experiences to learn and grow to become critical thinkers in the workplace."
  • George Brenzel

    George Brenzel

    Director of Events
    Strategic Comm, 2019
    St. Paul, MN
    "I am proud to be a part of an organization connecting students to the work force while encouraging their achievement in a rounded education."
  • Monica Kamath

    Monica Kamath

    Director of Marketing
    Business & Marketing Education, 2018
    Prior Lake, MN
    "The CLA Business Club helped me create connections and develop networking skills."
  • Zach Jesko

    Zach Jesko

    Director of Communications
    Strategic Comm, 2017
    Cedarburg, WI
    "Obtaining a liberal arts degree is a formula for success. You can tailor your abilities to any type of job."
  • Mohamed Abul-Yusr

    Mohamed Abul-Yusr

    Director of Finance
    Economics, 2017
    Buena Park, CA
    "I love CLA because it gives me the opportunity to grow, learn, and explore my passions."
  • Tyler IaQuinto

    Membership Officer
    Economics, 2019
    Circle Pines, MN
    "CLA allows you to diversify yourself in your coursework, which assists in laying the ground work for future skills."