What it Means to be a Member

The CLA Business Club bridges the gap between members and their fortuity. By joining the CLA Business Club students have the opportunity to network and construct connections with employees and explore potentail employment opportunities to learn what employers are seeking from a multitude of companies such as: U.S. Bank, Thrivent Financial, and Microsoft. The club also connects members with other undergraduate students who wish to obtain a career in the business sector.

Membership Point System

The CLA Business Club has points that go along with membership. A student can earn points by participating in the following activities:

Activity Points Earned
Attending an Event 10
Bring a Friend 5
Volunteer With Us 3
Attend a Career or Internship Fair 3
Having a Resume and/or Cover Letter Reviewed 2
Answering Surveys 1


By participating in these activities and having a higher number of total points, you will have the opportunity to attend a networking event at the end of the semester with the executive board and speakers. Use the form below to join and start earning points today.