2015-16 Ambassadors

  • Marcus Aarsvold

    Marcus Aarsvold

    Pine Island, MN
    2018, Journalism
    "My favorite thing about CLA is the diverse education it provides while propelling students towards their dream career."
  • Rose Abdo

    Rose Abdo

    Minneapolis, MN
    2017, Journalism
    “CLA surrounds students with a network of faculty and staff, who empower us to chose the classes and majors that best fit each individual.”
  • Revana Awadallah

    Revana Awadallah

    Inver Grove Heights, MN
    2016, Biology, Society, and Environment
    “What is there not to love about CLA? The opportunities are endless!"
  • Meron Ayele

    Meron Ayele

    Madison, WI
    2017, Global Studies
    “The College of Liberal Arts fosters my curiosity and desire for knowledge in more ways than I could have imagined."
  • Mariah Berner

    Mariah Berner

    Duluth, MN
    2018, Biology, Society, and Environment and Psychology
    “My favorite thing about CLA are the open doors leading to anything, everyone and everywhere.”
  • Sarah Brinkman

    Sarah Brinkman

    Naperville, IL
    2016, Physiology
    “A well-rounded education is essential. CLA provides a diversity of classes and opportunities, while still allowing students to study what they want.”
  • Sabine Darling

    Sabine Darling

    Falls Church, VA
    2016, Communications Studies
    “In CLA you learn to find connections between all your classes, and through those, are able to develop your desired skills.”
  • Jake Drehmel

    Jake Drehmel

    Woodbury, MN
    2018, Chemistry
    “My favorite thing about CLA is the immense diversity of majors and minors that let me explore and discover what I am.”
  • Liz Grein

    Liz Grein

    Mundelein, IL
    2017, Psychology
    “My favorite thing about CLA is the enthusiasm for learning created by professors and students alike.”
  • Salma Hashim

    Salma Hashim

    Burnsville, MN
    2016, Biology, Society, and Environment
    “I chose CLA because of all the opportunities that were waiting for me behind every door.”
  • Hannah Hempe

    Hannah Hempe

    Maple Grove, MN
    2017, History
    “As a CLA student you are challenged to think about a situation from differing perspectives transforming you into a critical thinker, which is what I love most about CLA.”
  • Jordan Hendershot

    Jordan Hendershot

    Burlington, IN
    2016, Anthropology
    “My favorite aspect of CLA is the focus on languages and cultures; my passion for Spanish is thanks to CLA!”
  • Tae Min Kim

    Tae Min Kim

    Seoul, South Korea
    2017, Communication Studies
    “The College of Liberal Arts education fulfills not only well-roundedness, but also the skill of effectively articulating one's ideas.”
  • Abby Koshollek

    Abby Koshollek

    Mukwonago, WI
    2018, Political Science and Communication Studies
    “My favorite thing about CLA is that I can easily combine many areas of study that I love to get a really unique education.”
  • Dawn Nguyen

    Dawn Nguyen

    Eagan, MN
    2017, Economics
    “My favorite thing about CLA is the flexible curriculum. I have the opportunity to take a wide variety of classes outside of my major to supplement my liberal arts education.”
  • Pam Potempa-Rivers

    Pam Potempa-Rivers

    Saint Paul, MN
    2017, Biology, Society, and Environment
    “I never get too worked up about a class because I know that in an hour I will learn about a completely different field.”
  • Adi Raikar

    Adi Raikar

    Blaine, MN
    2017, Anthropology
    “I chose CLA, because it has given me the chance to explore many of my interests at one time.”
  • Shreya Ramanujan

    Shreya Ramanujan

    Medina, MN
    2017, Psychology
    “I chose to be a part of CLA because I value having an education that is academic and rigorous, while also giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge.”
  • Mariam Salama

    Mariam Salama

    Rochester, MN
    2018, Physiology and Global Studies
    “I chose CLA because it provided me with the opportunity to engage in both worlds, both humanities and sciences.”
  • Jordan Simundson

    Jordan Simundson

    Sioux Falls, SD
    2016, Psychology
    “I love CLA because I can pursue so many different interests within the college.”
  • Emily Young

    Emily Young

    Mequon, WI
    2016, Biology, Society, and Environment
    “The depth of each area I study is multiplied by my ability to see how they interconnect.”