Freshman Seminars

A freshman seminar is a small, discussion-oriented class that is designed just for first-year students across the University. The seminars cover a variety of fascinating topics in the arts, behavioral sciences, global issues, politics and culture, and more. Seminars are offered both fall and spring semesters.

What to Expect in a Freshman Seminar

  • A small class (15-20 students) of first-year students where it is easy to talk, participate, and engage in class discussions
  • A professor who is an expert in the subject matter who has created the course specifically for first-year students
  • An opportunity to work with faculty who will introduce you to a variety of new research and creative topics

CLA Freshman Seminars

Course offerings vary from year to year.

African American & African Studies

Social and Cultural History of Blacks in Sports

Asian Languages and Literature

Bollywood Blockbusters and Beyond: An Intro to Indian Cinema

American Studies, Center for

The Latino Population Boom and the Transformation of America


Time, Now and Then
From "O Brother Where Art Thou:" to "12 Years a Slave:" Southern Roots Music in Film and Media


Say Something, Make Something: Transforming Language in Visual Art
Visual Wonder from an Artist's Perspective
Place Matters: Seeing the Mississippi

Chicano & Latino Studies

Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies: History, Culture & Identity

Classical & Near Eastern Studies

Homer's Odyssey and the Politics of Early Greek Society

Communication Studies

Media Emotions
Selfies: Media and the Culture of Me

Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature

Dangerous Women


Missy Elliot, Eminem, Iggy Azalea: Hip Hop as Scholarly Inquiry
"I Don't Want to Grow Up:" Coming of Age in Fiction

French and Italian

Confessions: True or Otherwise


Cities of the Future: Urbanization in the Developing World

German, Scandinavian & Dutch

Remediating the Holocaust

Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

Cyborgs, Monsters, and Aliens


A History of the Drug Wars in the Americas
Autobiography through History/History through Autobiography
Civil Disobedience: From Gandhi to Ferguson
Crusade vs. Jihad: Muslim-Christian Relations in Historical Perspective
Politics of Hunger: Food, Development, and Cold-War Politics


Linguistics & Biology
Invented Languages

Journalism & Mass Communication

The Symbolic Meanings of Money and Property
The Art and Science of Persuasion


Music and Gender
Music in Nazi Germany
Guitar Heros
Violence against Women in Opera


Amadeus: In Search of Mozart
Comics as Art
Is Truth Relative?

Political Science

E Pluribus Unum? The States, the Feds, and the Contested Meaning of American Federalism
Whose Community? - The Politics of Violence against Women
The Perils and Promises of Community


Field Guides and Food Systems
Fresh Off the Boat: Growing Up Asian American
Psycology of Eating
What is the Human Mind
The Psycology of Design: Smart Products, Graphics, & Logos


American Drug Cultures: Pleasures, Panics & Punishment

Spanish & Portueguese Studies

From Rio to the Rainforest: Brazil's phenomenal fiction
Fantastic Female Fictions

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Social Communication: Beyond Sounds and Words


Gambling Problems, Insurance, and Big Data: History and Philosophy of Statistics

Theatre Arts & Dance

The Great Actresses and Divas of Theatre, Films, Opera and Musicals
Live Theatre: Creating and Expressing Community
Art Laboratory: A Place to Play

Writing Studies

From Fashion to Fashioning a World: Magazines
Questioning Authority: The Past, Present, and Future of Higher Education