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Degree Programs


American Indian Studies is a field of study dedicated to advancing awareness and understanding of the histories and contemporary experiences of American Indian people. The Department of American Indian Studies offers two tracks that are focused on distinct areas of study:

All majors graduate with a BA in American Indian Studies.


The Department of American Indian Studies offers a minor to supplement majors in other areas of study.

Language Teaching
Certificate Programs

Teaching Certificate Programs

We offer language certificate programs for Dakota and Ojibwe language instruction to help meet our community's need for native-language speakers:

In these programs, you can develop a level of fluency in the language that prepares you to conduct your own immersion classroom (entirely in the language). We connect our language program to state teaching licensure programs and other institutions that need certified language teachers. Our close ties to these institutions help provide our graduates with careers, and attract prospective indigenous language speakers and teachers to our communities.

Individualized Degree Programs

Independent study options and innovative experiential learning opportunities are available to match your individual career needs and interests.