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Alumni News & Achievements

A CLA education develops imaginative and resourceful people who are committed to service and leadership in every sector of society. They have a deep understanding of diverse perspectives. They think independently, critically, and creatively.

Our alumni excel in many fields: health care, politics, education, entertainment, arts, business, and social justice among others.

Betsy McCann leads the U of M Marching Band at a performance for new students in Mariucci Arena

For University of Minnesota Marching Band Director, a Historic 'Surprise'

Nearly half a century after the University of Minnesota Marching Band begrudgingly welcomed its first female percussionist, a woman is running the show. Betsy McCann is the first female marching and athletic bands director in the University band’s 125-year history — and the first woman to lead a marching band in the Big Ten Conference.
Yefei Jin sits at a table with a high school aged girl as she completes her homework

CLA Alumnus Wants to Help English Learner Teachers Share Their Lessons

Alumnus Yefei Jin with a degree in theatre arts and Asian languages & literatures, is developing a project to make sharing lesson plans and other resources easier for teachers who work with English language learners. He conceived it after hearing from Twin Cities teachers how hard it is to find classroom materials that fit their students' language skills. "These teachers often find themselves creating materials from scratch," Jin said. "Such a platform could be a game-changer."
Photo of graduate theatre student Chris Bell

A Taste of Theatre Research

Chris Bell is a PhD student who is breaking boundaries and reshaping the way we understand interdisciplinary relationships in academia with his research in both theatre and food studies. “Performance studies offers a way to communicate this issue and these ideas to highlight how important food is to the production of individual and collective identities.”