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Large orange and yellow bubbles with large text
Designed by Catalina Hernandez

Current Exhibition
BA Commencement
November 29 - December 10, 2016

December 2, 2016
Reception | 7:00 - 9:00 PM | Regis East Lobby
That evening stop by our Regis West Gallery to check out Ipseities.

An exhibition of 19 artists about to complete their Bachelor of Arts (BA) in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota. As the culmination of their study, students present their work in a public exhibition at the Quarter Gallery. Nationally recognized, our program offers degrees and specialties in four main fields: painting, drawing, and printmaking, sculpture and ceramics, photography and moving images, and interdisciplinary art and social practice. Artists in the exhibition include Amy Berray, Sayge Carroll, Jordan DeSwarte, Katie Dougherty, Molly Draper, Hannah Fazendin, Catalina Hernandez, Morgan Madison, Vananh Nguyen, Aubrey Peng, Elizabeth Rosener, Anna Sisombat, James Smith, Alexander Swann, Helen Teague, Ka Hei Ung, Quyao Wang, Xavier Wang, and Jinyuan Zhang.

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