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PhD in Classical & Near Eastern Studies

Apply to be a part of the PhD
program in CNES.

Students are encouraged to pursue a PhD in classical and Near Eastern studies at the University of Minnesota. Our CNES PhD program prepares you for a successful career in both post-secondary teaching and research.

Within this degree, students will select from among three sub-plans: classics, Latin, and Greek.

To be accepted into the PhD program, applicants should have experience in at least one relevant ancient language (Greek or Latin) sufficient to begin graduate-level reading courses in their first term.

Further details about requirements are found in the PDF iconGraduate Handbook.



Evenly balanced between the study of Greek and Latin language and literature, the classics sub-plan allows students to explore how our civilization operates today by reading ancient texts in their original languages and coming to understand their historical context as the ancestors of drama, rhetoric, romance, poetry, and more.


Focusing on Greek language and literature, the Greek sub-plan allows students to read ancient epics in their original language and work with these ancient documents firsthand. Students will pair their studies of the Greek language with a strong emphasis on an additional academic field or topic of choice and graduate work in another language. A language of comedy, tragedy, and philosophy, the Greek sub-plan allows students to pursue a wide variety of interests, including drama, political science, religion, or mythology.


One of the chief languages of early civilization, Latin has a strong influence on our modern world languages. It is a language of education, religion, science, and romance. Students in this track will explore and compare ancient texts as they were originally composed, emphasizing an additional academic field or topic of choice and graduate work in another language.

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