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Recent Dissertations

Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society

“TV Party, New Wave Theatre, and Subcultural Television in the 1970s and 1980s” 2015
Advisors: Richard Leppert & Laurie Ouellette

“Burning Visions: The Iranian New Wave and the Politics of the Image, 1962-1979.” 2015
Advisor: Cesare Casarino

“Organized Ideas, or Defeating the Culture Wars (What We Need to Know, and How We Need to Know It)” 2014
Advisor: Robin Brown

Stork, Benedict H.
“Image-Documents: Found and Appropriated Images in Documentary Cinema.” 2014
Advisor: John Mowitt

Aldarondo, Cecilia
“The Documentary Encounter: Memory, Materiality, and Performance in Contemporary Visual Culture” 2013
Advisor: Jane Blocker

Nye, Sean
“Teutonic Time-Slip: Travels in Electronic Music, Technology, and Germany Identity, 1968–2009” 2013
Advisor: Richard Leppert

Schell, Justin
“We Rock Long Distance: Manifest and the Circulations of Diasporic Hip-Hop” 2013
Advisor: Robin Brown

Stoddard, Mathew
“The Lives of Film: Heritage, Restoration, and the Materialism of Cinema” 2013
Advisor: Cesare Casarino

Tompkins, Joseph
“Off-Screen Scares: The Critical- Industrial Practices of Contemporary Horror Cinema” 2013
Advisor: Richard Leppert

Wlodarczyk, Holly
“Somewhere That's Green? Visions of Sustainable Suburbia” 2013
Advisor: John Archer

Gill, Meredith
“The Clarity of the Cold War: Truth and Literary Communism Between the USA and the USSR in the Era of Postmodern Globalization” 2012
Advisor: Cesare Casarino

Weiss, Rachel
“Harbinger and Echo: The Soundscape of the Yiddish- American Film Musical” 2012
Advisor: Leslie Morris

Helgoe, Courtney
“Lines in the Sea, Words in the Sand: On the Refugee and the Politics of Refuge” 2010
Advisor: Cesare Casarino

Loyd-Grey, Sarah
“A Refusal to Play Along: Videogaming and Ludic Thought” 2010
Advisor: Richard Leppert

Cordero-Cancio, Carlos
“On the Intellectuals of the Future and the Left 'Re-armed'” 2009
Advisor: John Mowitt

Levine, Amy
“Phantasmatic Cinema: Delinkage and Disarticulation in Michelangelo Antonioni, Bela Tarr, Jean-Luc Godard and Alexander Sokurov” 2009

Park, Susan Shin-Hee
“Conceiving difference through alternative reading strategies: Deleuze and Guattari, Derrida and Post-Civil Rights US minority texts” 2009
Advisor: Cesare Casarino

Conley, John
“Capital Cynicism: Literature and Production in the Post-Fordist Era” 2008
Advisor: Cesare Casarino

Gasterland-Gustafsson, Gretchen
“Design for Living: German and Swedish Design in the Early Twentieth Century” 2008
Advisor: Jochen Schulte-Sasse

Groening, Stephen
“Connected Isolation: Screens, Mobility, and Globalized Media Culture”2008
Advisor: Keya Ganguly

Skott-Myhre, Hans
“Who Are We to Become If We Are Not This: Madness, Anti- Psychiatry and Literature” 2008
Advisor: Cesare Casarino

Swenson, Brynnar
“The Corporate Form: Capital, Literature, Architecture” 2008
Advisor: Cesare Casarino

Weinstein, Marjorie
“Reframing Law and Lens: Jacob Riis's Documentary Photography and Legal Discourse during the Progressive Era” 2008

Imed, Labidi
“Unlearning Western Pedagogy: Arab Schools in the Neocolonial Era.” 2007
Advisor: John Mowitt

Alzoby, Mazher
“Moderns and Others: The Location of Social Change.” 2006
Advisor: Robin Brown

Haakonsen, Thomas
“Grotesque Visions: Art, Science, and Visual Culture in Early- Twentieth-Century Germany.” 2006
Advisor: Keya Ganguly

Hubbard, Kysa
“Civilizing Childhood: The Rational Alienation of Adult-Child Relations.” 2006
Advisor: Jack Zipes

Johnson, Kjel
“[Re]Framing Violence: Hollywood Cinema & Late Capitalism 1967-2001.” 2006
Advisor: John Mowitt

Roach Jr., Thomas
“Shared Estrangement: Foucault, Friendship, and AIDS Activism.” 2006
Advisor: Cesare Casarino

Shapira, Roni
“Switched-on Deutschland: The Sounds of Germany.” 2006
Advisor: John Mowitt

Spicer, Jacqueline
“Modern Texts: Autobiography and the Rise of the Individual.” 2006
Advisor: John Mowitt

Troyer, John
“Technologies of the Human Corpse.” 2006
Advisor: John Archer

Comparative Literature

Saxena, Akshya
“Vernacular Englishes: Language and Democratic Politics in Post-Liberalization India” 2016
Advisor: Shaden M. Tageldin

August, Timothy
“Postcolonial Appetites: Vietnamese American Literature and Refugee Aesthetics” 2014
Advisor: Keya Ganguly

Hadley, Mathew
“Laboratory Literature: Science & Fiction in the Place of Production” 2013
Advisor: Cesare Casarino

Niessen, Niels
“A North Wind: the New Realism of the French-Walloon Cinema du Nord” 2013
Advisor: Cesare Casarino

Gibson, Alicia
“The End, or in the Nuclear Age: Aesthetic From and Modes of Subjectivity” 2012
Advisor: Richard Leppert

Haines, Christian
“A Desire Called America: Biopolitics and Utopian Forms of Life in American Literature” 2012
Advisor: Cesare Casarino

Hoagland, George
“Reading for the Minor: Methodological Considerations in the Work of Paul Beatty, Erika Lopez, and Beau Sia” 2012
Advisor: John Mowitt

Adamson, Morgan
“The End of the Gold Standard: Finance, Crisis, and the Cinema of the New Left” 2011
Advisors: Cesare Casarino and John Mowitt

Dooghan, Daniel
“Literary Cartographies: Lu Xun and the Production of World Literature” 2011
Advisor: Timothy A. Brennan

Sanza, Nathan
“Bewildering Education: Literature and the Human After Nietzsche” 2011

Sweet, Paige
“Marking the Untellable: A Theory of Reading Punctuation in the Work of Emily Dickinson, Marguerite Duras and Clarice Lispector” 2011
Advisor: John Mowitt

Licht, Melissa
“Warring Opinions: An Investigation into the Sublime Aesthetic Narratives of Contemporary Warfare” 2010
Advisor: Thomas Pepper

Stockwell, Cory
“Open Secrets: Violence, Secrecy, Community” 2010
Advisor: Thomas Pepper

Green-Simms, Lindsay
“Postcolonial Automobility: West Africa and the Road to Globalization” 2009
Advisor: Timothy Brennan

Hudecova, Eva
“The Witness Who May Not Have Been There: Eastern European Authors Looking Westward” 2009
Advisor: Jochen Schulte-Sasse

Singh, Julietta
“The Edible Complex: Postcolonial Narrative and the Politics of Eating” 2009

Peng, Yun
“A U-turn in the Desert Figures and Motifs of the Chinese Nineteen Eighties” 2008
Advisor: Thomas Pepper

Opitz, Andrew
“Impassioned Sarcasm and Militant Irony: An Investigation into the Evolving Politics of Satire” 2007
Advisor: Timothy Brennan

Mininger, Jay
“Nothing Too Much: The Poetics of Anxiety” 2006
Advisor: Ronald Sousa, Maria Brewer

Stout, Graeme
“Arrested Images: Discourses of Terrorism in Italy and Germany” 2006
Advisor: Cesare Casarino