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  • Immigrant Women: the Powerful and the Powerless

    Portrait: Luz HernandezLinguist Luz Hernandez is using interviews she conducted with undocumented workers who had been arrested to help examine the relationship between power and the powerless. Learn more

  • Help for water-starved countries

    Portrait: Basil MahayniBasil Mahayni is conducting research that can help water management systems better meet community needs in water-starved countries like Jordan. Continue reading...

  • Skilled labor for the developing world

    Portrait: Brenton WiernikBrenton Wiernik hopes to resolve a major concern in developed economies: the shortage of highly-skilled industrial workers, even in the face of high unemployment. Continue reading...

  • You, too, can translate ancient documents!

    section of ancient papyrusUniversity of Minnesota researchers are employing technology and the discerning eyes of tens of thousands of volunteers around the world to decipher ancient texts. Continue reading...

  • Can you say "Internet" in Ojibwe?

    portrait: Brenda ChildThe new online Ojibwe People's Dictionary, created by the Department of American Indian Studies and the Minnesota Historical Society, sets a world standard for how indigenous languages will be preserved in the future.
    Continue reading...

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