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  • You, too, can translate ancient documents

    Portrait: Professor Nita Krevans, Classics scholarTwo thousand years ago, a resident of Oxyrhynchus tossed a piece of papyrus onto the town's trash heap. There it lay preserved for posterity.

    Now, University of Minnesota researchers are employing technology and the discerning eyes of tens of thousands of volunteers around the world to decipher texts salvaged from that ancient trash pile. Learn more

  • A handbook for peace?

    Portrait: Rosita Albert"Stopping the madness" and improving intercultural relations have been the aims of Rosita Albert, an associate professor in CLA's Department of Communication Studies who leads the University's pioneering Intercultural Communication program. Continue reading…

  • Rhymes for the Times

    Oliver Nicholson's enthusiasm for his subjects and ability to make Latin and Late Antiquity come to life has made him one of the most popular professors in the College of Liberal Arts. As a result, his students and colleagues joined together to nominate him for an Arthur "Red" Motley Exemplary Teaching Award in 2009. Continue reading…

  • Lost and Found: Shoebox Yields Cuneiform Cone

    Portrait: Eva von Dassow. In a two-part story, cuneiform expert Eva von Dassow recounts how a forgotten artifact led to the rediscovery of a forgotten Mesopotamian king. Part 1 | Part 2

  • The Immortal Woman

    Art: Ming-era Tanyangzi. History professor Ann Waltner uncovers the story of Ming-era Tanyangzi: visionary, mystic, immortal. Continue Reading…

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