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Undergraduate Advisor for Economics:

Madhu Bhat
4-100A Hanson Hall

Advising appointments are made online.

Honors Representative for Economics:

David Rahman
4-127 Hanson Hall

Advising appointments can be scheduled for declaration of your major or minor, evaluation of transfer courses or study-abroad courses, and registration assistance. Independent study abroad forms are available through the advising office. Our advisors can also tell you about CLA Advising services and CLA Career Services.

Please note that walk-in advising appointments are not available.   Advising appointments must be schedule online.

Many questions and issues can be resolved via email. The advisors will make every effort to answer your question in a timely manner, but you should not put off your email question until the last minute. When sending an email be sure to include:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your student ID number
  • A brief explanation about your question or concern

Listserv Account for Economics Majors

The department has set up a listserv account for economics majors; the address is It is maintained by the economics undergraduate advisors. All economics majors are automatically members of this account. If you are an economics major and are not on this list, please let Madhu Bhat know and she can add your email. The department puts out information about special events, seminars, talks, internships, job opportunities, university or departmental policies relating to the economics major, and other pertinent information on this listserv. Students can also hold discussions with their peers about economics and related issues. All economics majors are responsible for information relayed to them via this listserv. If you use an email account that is different from your University x500 account, please make sure you forward all messages.

Course Prerequisites

The department requires that students complete the prerequisites successfully before taking a course. This applies especially to ECON 3101 and 3102, which are prerequisites for a large number of economics upper division courses. Instructors will ask students to drop courses if prerequisites have not been completed earlier.

Testing Out of Economics Courses

You can only test out of ECON 1101 and 1102 by taking the CLEP test for these classes. For information on testing, call 612-625-2008. You cannot test out of any other economics class.