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Meet Our Students

Our students have amazing experiences doing research, exploring internships, and studying abroad. Get to know them!

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Pairing Academics with Passion

When she won the Helen Hawthorne Hartung award for her video project “Queerbaiting,” undergraduate Olivia Riley felt a sense of validation that confirmed that her passion was worthwhile and meaningful to others. A self-described “fan girl” with a critical eye, Riley brought her passion for studying gender and performativity into her final project for GWSS 1004: Screening Sex and found great success.
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Butterfly Effect

When anthropology and construction management major Jeremiah Cunningham noticed that the butterflies weren't stopping to feed among the grasses planted at the Xcel Energy substation where he was interning, he discovered something that will turn into a win for Xcel Energy and the butterflies.
Portrait: Barflaan Tedoe posing with his backpack and holding a water bottle

What's in Your Backpack?

Journalism student Barflaan Tedoe dives deeply into his many interests from serving as the communications director for the only multicultural student association of journalists, to being an assistant admissions counselor. Tedoe says, "There are so many opportunities at the U, but you have to make use of them."
Photo of Julia Potach

A Global Student

Recent CLA grad and Fulbright Scholar Julia Potach was heavily involved in the Spanish and Portuguese studies department. During her time as an undergrad, Julia studied both Spanish and Global Studies and served on the Spanish and Portuguese Undergraduate Studies Committee, on the 2015 Alumni Language Reunion Steering Committee, and participated in service-learning opportunities and study abroad internships.
Portrait: Sherry Shao

Merging Art and Statistics

Qinyun (Sherry) Shao is an outstanding student who understands the importance of applying classroom knowledge to career opportunities. Sherry knew her undergraduate work had to involve art in some way. “After visiting so many museums, galleries, and studios,” she reports, “I am certain that my future career must be related to art. I love art and I am eager to share my passion and ideas about art with others.”