Docu-Videos & Digital Stories

Docu-Videos and Digital Keywords

Short multimedia projects which engage important histories and core concepts of GWSS courses.

"The Pill"

A digital essay which traces the history of the birth control pill, specifically examining the testing of the pill in Puerto Rico within a context of racism and empire.


This award winning docu-video introduces an important trope in feminist and queer media studies.

"The Dad Bod"

A digital essay examining masculinity and body image through tropes in dominant media.


Digital Stories

Short multimedia personal narratives that reflect upon structures of power and social issues such as racism, sexism, and trauma.


A digital story about a student’s grandfather, that focuses on his resilience in facing the legacy of medical violence as a Native American man.

"A Classical Story"

A digital story that narrates a mother’s experiences of sexism in classical performance.



Mapping enables students to example relationships between spaces, historical events and current social issues. Maps bring geographic, historical, social, and other layers into a conversation between people and the spaces they inhabit.

  • "Quinoa in Conflict"
    Examines the racial, social, environmental and economic contestations over this type of grain.