Medieval History

The field of medieval history at Minnesota has a long tradition of scholarship enlivened by new focuses in social, cultural, and gender studies. We have one of the strongest medieval programs in the country, with numerous graduate students and a large undergraduate following for our survey and topics courses.

The Middle Ages (c. 500-1500 CE) was a period of intense and unprecedented religious, social, economic, political and cultural transformation. Although traditionally defined as an era of European development, our seminars are increasingly moving beyond a Eurocentric focus. Contemporary understanding of this era is being rapidly transformed as scholars continue to critique the still pervasive picture of the “Dark Ages” by exploring the cultural creativity, civilizational exchange and contact, and political ferment that connected groups and peoples across Afro-Eurasia, from Ireland to China to Zimbabwe.

Minnesota is home to several interdisciplinary centers that provide important resources and intellectual community for medievalists at Minnesota, including the Center for Medieval Studies, the Center for Early Modern History and the Consortium for the Study of the Premodern World.

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