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Understanding Autism

New Assistant Professor Nicola Grissom studies mice to help us understand the genetic causes of neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, in humans. “The more we understand how the brains of people with autism are different, the more we can help them adapt to the world,” she says.
Students wearing protective clothing working with melted iron in the foundry

Metal Casting Students Take Part in Annual Iron Pour

On Friday, the University of Minnesota art department hosted its 30th Annual Thanksgiving Iron Pour at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery. The event allowed students to exhibit the skills they learned in their metal casting classes. “For students, it teaches them the value of their community,” said Tamsie Ringler, assistant professor of sculpture and leader of the pour. “It helps people learn collaboration and how to make their art better."

Road Ahead 2016

Watch the video of the Road Ahead event held October 11, 2016. Event sections included a panel discussion on student readiness, video screenings, and Dean Coleman answering staff questions about the vision of CLA.
Image of a creature with white glowing eyes and fangs

The Science Behind Fear

Halloween--the one holiday that celebrates, and perhaps even thrives on fear. So what is fear? And why do we respond differently to being scared? "It initially came into being to cue us of survival threats," said Dr. Shmuel Lissek, of the University of Minnesota Department of Psychology.