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  • Health Insurance Reform: Are We There Yet?

  • Illustration of medical symbol casting a shadow shaped like a dollar sign

    One year after open enrollment in the healthcare insurance marketplace began, opinions vary greatly on its success. Join us to take a look at the economics behind the controversial Affordable Healthcare Act, and how it compares to alternative policies. Hear recent research findings from renowned economists and learn how future policy-making may be impacted by November's elections. Register to attend.  November 12, 2014. Learn more

Upcoming Events

  • Sketch Night: Deserts
    • 01/08/2015 6:30 PM
    • Location: Bell Museum of Natural History Our theme for the evening is deserts, with specimens pulled from some of the driest places on Earth.
  • Exploradome Theater Shows at BIG Thursday
    • 01/08/2015 6:30 PM
    • Location: ExploraDome Theater Bell Museum of Natural History Catch an ExploraDome Theater program... more in the evening!
  • Saturday with a Scientist: Citizen Science
    • 01/10/2015 11:00 AM
    • Location: Bell Museum of Natural History What are citizen scientists and why are they so important to scientific investigations?
  • What Does it Take to Get Pollinated Around Here?
    • 01/13/2015 7:00 PM
    • Location: Bell Museum Auditorium Bell Museum of Natural History Learn about the fascinating world of pollinators and pollination, and why both are important in natural and managed habitats.
  • Spring 2015 MGIS Orientation Program
  • Creating Formative Writing Assignments - TWW Workshop
    • 01/16/2015 12:00 AM
    • Location: 135 Nicholson Hall Are you frustrated with studentsâ putting writing assignments off until the last minute?

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