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Women in politics photograph

Women In Politics

On December 4, 2015 the University Political Science Student Association (UPSA) partnered with the Department of Political Science to host a forum regarding the challenges, opportunities, and successes of women in Minnesota politics. The underlying message of the event is best explained by a quote from Hillary Clinton: "Human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights.”
Photograph of professor John Sullivan

Leaving with a Legacy

Regents Professor John Sullivan, alumnus and faculty member at the University of Minnesota since 1975, has retired. During his tenure in the Department of Political Science, Professor Sullivan specialized in political tolerance, political psychology, election politics, American politics, as well as electronic communication.
HB 2

Potty Politics

Last Wednesday, the North Carolina General Assembly convened an emergency session that cost the taxpayers of that state forty thousand dollars. The reason? To pass HB 2, officially known as the Public Facility Privacy and Security Act, or the “Charlotte bathroom bill.” What is HB 2? And why should we care about it? PhD candidate Zein Murib examines the politics of potties.