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Editorial & Leadership Positions

Editorial Positions

  • Political Psychology (Journal of the International Society of Political Psychology)
    • Editors (1997-2005, Borgida, Rahn, Sullivan
    • Editor (2005-2010, Lavine)
    • Associate Editor (2012-Present, Federico
    • Editorial Board Member (2003-2005, Lavine), Co-Editorial Board Member (2009-2012, Federico)
  • Advances in Political Psychology, Editor (2012-2017, Lavine)
  • American Journal of Political Science, Co-Editor (1985-1988, Sullivan)
  • Routledge Studies in Political Psychology, Series Editor (2011-2016, Lavine), Editorial Board Member (2011-Present, Borgida)
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology/Attitudes and Social Cognition, Co-Editor (1990-1993, Borgida)
  • Annual Review of Psychology, Editorial Committee (2001-2005, Borgida)
  • Journal of Politics, Editorial Board Member (2009-2011, Federico)
  • Law and Human Behavior, Editorial Board Member (1993-1996; 1996-1999; 1999-2002, Borgida)
  • American Political Science Review, Editorial Board, (1996-2001, Sullivan)
  • Oxford University Press Series in Political Psychology, Editorial Board Member (2009-present, Federico)
  • Psychology, Public Policy, & Law, Editorial Board Member (1999-2002, Borgida)

Leadership Positions

  • American Political Science Association, President, Political Psychology Section (2007-2008, Lavine), Vice President, Organized Section on Political Psychology, (2007-2008, Federico), Member and Chair, Organized Section on Political Psychology, Professional Issues Panel (2003-2006, Federico), Governing Council (Miller)
  • Association for Psychological Science, Board of Directors (1999-2002, Borgida)
  • Association of Schools and Departments of Journalism and Mass Communication, Advisory Committee, Annual Surveys of Journalism and Mass Communication (Tims), Planning Committee, Annual Surveys of Journalism and Mass Communication (2012-present, Tims)
  • Caregiver Bias Working Group and Family Responsibility Discrimination (FRD) Class Action Working Group Member, Center for Worklife Law, University of California Hastings College of Law (2005-2010, Borgida)
  • International Advisory Board, European Commission, Board Member (2009-2012, Borgida)
  • International Society for Political Psychology Annual Meeting Committee, Section Chair, Political Decision Making (2010-2011, Federico)
  • International Society of Political Psychology Meeting, Rome, Italy, Program Chair (2014, Miller)
  • International Society for Political Psychology, Governing Council Member, (2014-present, Federico)
  • International Society for Political Psychology, President, Organized Section on Political Psychology (2008-2009, Federico)
  • International Society for Political Psychology, Section Chair, Leadership and Political Personality (2011-2012, Federico)
  • National Scholastic Press Association and Associated Collegiate Press, President, Board of Directors (Tims)
  • Routledge Studies in Experimental Political Science, Advisory Board (Lavine)
  • Social Psychology Program, National Science Foundation Advisory Panel (1997-2000, Borgida)
  • Social Science Research Council, Board of Directors (2000-2006, Borgida)
  • Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, President (2009-2010,Borgida)
  • Society of Experimental Social Psychology representative to Federation for the Advancement of Brain and Behavioral Sciences (2011-2014, Borgida)
  • Society of Experimental Social Psychology, Executive Committee (2009-2011Borgida)
  • Time-Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS), Associate Principal Investigator (2001-2006, Borgida), Associate Principal Investigator (2010-present, Federico)