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Understanding Autism

New Assistant Professor Nicola Grissom studies mice to help us understand the genetic causes of neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, in humans. “The more we understand how the brains of people with autism are different, the more we can help them adapt to the world,” she says.
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The Science Behind Fear

Halloween--the one holiday that celebrates, and perhaps even thrives on fear. So what is fear? And why do we respond differently to being scared? "It initially came into being to cue us of survival threats," said Dr. Shmuel Lissek, of the University of Minnesota Department of Psychology.
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A New Center Brings New Opportunities

Professor Andrew Oxenham is the scientific co-director of the University’s new Center for Applied and Translational Sensory Science. This center brings not only new technology to the disposal of the psychology department, but also the potential for greater collaboration between the social, physical, biological, medical and engineering sciences, and industry partners.

Professors Krueger (PI), Roisman (MPI; from the ICD) and McGue (Co-I) recently...

Professors Krueger (PI), Roisman (MPI; from the ICD) and McGue (Co-I) recently received a 5-year R-01 from the National Institute on Aging (total costs 2.9 million dollars) to study the joint influence of personality and relationships on health outcomes in aging twins.