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Photograph of students in Dr. Oxenham's class

A New Center Brings New Opportunities

Professor Andrew Oxenham is the scientific co-director of the University’s new Center for Applied and Translational Sensory Science. This center brings not only new technology to the disposal of the psychology department, but also the potential for greater collaboration between the social, physical, biological, medical and engineering sciences, and industry partners.

Professors Krueger (PI), Roisman (MPI; from the ICD) and McGue (Co-I) recently...

Professors Krueger (PI), Roisman (MPI; from the ICD) and McGue (Co-I) recently received a 5-year R-01 from the National Institute on Aging (total costs 2.9 million dollars) to study the joint influence of personality and relationships on health outcomes in aging twins.
Nicola Grissom Image

Welcome Dr. Nicola Grissom, Assistant Professor in the Cognitive and Brain...

The Department of Psychology is pleased to welcome Dr. Nicola Grissom to the position of Assistant Professor. Previously a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati and Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Dr. Grissom was part of our Fall 2015 Colloquium series with her presentation entitled Mouse Models of Autism: Motivated Behavior and Molecular Deficits.
Photo of a young Korean-American girl looking at the camera as she leans over a railing

To Want the Tough Conversations

Psychology professor Richard Lee studies family dynamics in the United States, and in particular families who have internationally adopted Korean children. He has noticed one thing in particular—that parents “really had a hard time knowing how to talk about ethnic and racial differences in the family,” he says, “and how to help their kids deal with the racism in society that they’re going to encounter, and are encountering.”