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Photo of Naturalization Ceremony

In Their Own Words: After Collecting its 200th Story, U of M Center to Expand &...

Pa Eh Soe was a little girl when her family left a refugee camp in Thailand for the United States, and she had to leave her best friend behind. But Soe, now a high school student in St. Paul, never forgot her friend, and a brief story about the bond they shared is now part of the archives at the University of Minnesota.
Steve Manson

Mapping the Future

Geography professor and new associate dean Steven Manson uses his fascination with data to create better human and environmental systems. “The way we solve our problems today,” he says, “will determine whether or not our great-great-great grandchildren will live in a livable and equitable world.”
Professor Peggy Nelson in CATSS Lab

A Scholar of the Senses

Our senses allow us to see, feel, smell and ultimately relate to the world around us. But what happens when those senses fade, or are lost altogether? How do you walk when you have lost your equilibrium? How do you connect to your family when you lose the ability to hear them? Peggy Nelson can tell you.
Photo of a young Korean-American girl looking at the camera as she leans over a railing

To Want the Tough Conversations

Psychology professor Richard Lee studies family dynamics in the United States, and in particular families who have internationally adopted Korean children. He has noticed one thing in particular—that parents “really had a hard time knowing how to talk about ethnic and racial differences in the family,” he says, “and how to help their kids deal with the racism in society that they’re going to encounter, and are encountering.”
Photo of a European Union flag with frayed edges

Good Question: What Is The European Union?

Great Britain’s decision to leave the European Union made headlines worldwide. Experts say it’s possible more countries could follow Britain’s lead, further weakening the EU. That got us wondering—what is the European Union, and how does it affect us? Good Question. Tom Wolfe is a history professor at the University of Minnesota, who specializes in the European Union provides an answer for WCCO-TV.
Photograph of PhD students and poster

The Unseen Global City

Global studies and sociology professor Michael Goldman looks at urbanization practices that leave residents with the task of managing life in a city captured by global desires. “Global cities are alive with two very different social imaginaries: Those who desire to rebuild the city with ‘world-class’ infrastructure versus the urban majority’s concerns of being dispossessed by these elite projects,” he says.
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Pairing Academics with Passion

When she won the Helen Hawthorne Hartung award for her video project “Queerbaiting,” undergraduate Olivia Riley felt a sense of validation that confirmed that her passion was worthwhile and meaningful to others. A self-described “fan girl” with a critical eye, Riley brought her passion for studying gender and performativity into her final project for GWSS 1004: Screening Sex and found great success.