Sociology Research Institute

Each year, the Department Sociology celebrates graduate and undergraduate student research and achievements at the Sociology Research Institute (SRI). This academic festival provides an opportunity for our graduate and undergraduate students to present their research in a professional meeting format. We honor the achievements of students, faculty, and staff in research, teaching, and service, invite our alumni and friends to campus, and reflect on the accomplishment of a tremendous group of students, faculty, and staff. If you have any questions, please email

Aldon Morris speaking at the 2016 Sociology Research Institute

The 2016 SRI was held throughout the day of Friday, April 22 in the Humphrey Center Conference Center (180 HHH). We are honored that Aldon Morris, the Leon Forrest Professor of Sociology and African American Studies at Northwestern University, provided a brilliant keynote address, W.E.B. Du Bois: From Science and Curricula to Political Activism, which received a standing ovation. Over 45 students presented their research and participated in a a lively discussion of ideas. We thank all of those who participated and congratulate those who were honored for their teaching, research and service.


2016 & Past SRI Award Winners

Public Sociology Award Winners
Nominated for their exceptional:
  • Involvement in community organizing
  • Advocacy work or social services
    that draw upon a distinctively
    sociological perspective
  • Research or teaching that directly
    informs public debates and involves
    broader publics.

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Public Sociology Award winners.

Award-winning Research, Teaching, and Service

The Sociology Research Institute Celebration is also a time when we honor achievements in research, teaching, and service:

  • Graduate Research Paper Award
  • Undergraduate Research Paper Award
  • Graduate Student Instructor Award
  • Graduate & Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award
  • Graduate & Undergraduate Fellowship Award
  • Scholarship & Fellowship Awards
  • Faculty Mentoring Award
  • Department Service Contribution Award
  • Public Sociology Award

Undergraduate Seniors Luncheon

We reflect on the accomplishment of a tremendous group of students, and invite our undergraduate seniors to be honored during the luncheon program.