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CLA Imagine Fund Award Winners 2009

217 Imagine Fund awards representing $651,000 in support for research in the arts, design, and the humanities were made in 2009. CLA faculty received 150 of them. See a list of all University Imagine Fund award winners.

African American and African Studies

Njeri Githire Consuming Passions: Consumption, Encounter and Gender in Caribbean and Indian Ocean Women’s Writings
Walt Jacobs Diasporic Ghost Stories

American Studies

Bianet Castellanos Indigenous Boarding Schools in Yucatan, Mexico, 1960-1980
Kale Fajardo Rizal in America
Roderick Ferguson On the Aesthetic Education of Black Queer Life
Lary May Foreign Affairs: Global Hollywood and America's Culture Wars


Gloria Raheja Logan County Blues: Frank Hutchison in the Sonic Landscape of the Appalachian Coalfields
Peter Wells Design, Decoration, and Culture Change: A New Approach to the Roman Colonization of Europe
Karen-Sue Taussig The Life Sciences and Human Being and Becoming at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Martha Tappen Ecavations at the Dmanisi Site, Georgia, Southern Caucasus
Stuart McLean The Society of the Living and the Dead
William Beeman Opera Culture in Central Europe In Hard Economic Times
Jean Langford Conceptualizing Animal Trauma: An Ethnography of Trans-Species Psychology
Gilbert Tostevin Creating 3D Models for the Animation of 48,000 year old Bohunician stone tool technology


Wayne E. Potratz Tatara Project- Phase Three
James Henkel Photographs with Books
Diane Katsiaficas Artistic exchange between Minnesota and Uruguay
Jan Estep Artist book: "Reasons to be Nice/Why Should I be Nice?"
Andréa Stanislav Dubai: Futuristic Utopia/Dystopia
Lynn Lukkas The Pendulum
Mark Pharis 2009-10 Solo Exhibits
Joyce Lyon Simultaneous Translation
Thomas Rose Past in the Present
Ali Momeni Interactive Real-time Audio Programming Meets the Laptop Musician
Jenny Schmid The Nihilists, The Libertines and The Hedonists
Christine Baeumler An Amazonian Menagerie in an Age of Transition
Alexis Kuhr An Exhibition of Paintings and Works on Paper
Thomas Lane China Exchange in Ceramic Arts
Diane Willow Listening to the Silent Landscape of the Everyday
Jerald Krepps Digital Allusion Tactile Reality

Art History

Frederick Asher Sites of the Buddha's Life
Catherine Asher The Shrine of Shahul Hamid: Engendering Harmony across India's Communities
Jennifer Marshall Machine Art, 1934: The Stuff of American Modernism (First Book, Illustration Costs)
Michael Gaudio Prosper Thou Our Handyworks: Prints and Protestant Devotion at Little Gidding, 1625-1642
Gabriel Weisberg The Lost Siegfried Bing: Archives and Documents
Frederick Cooper The Archaeological Museum at Pyrgos
Robert Silberman Bertil Vallien and Ulrica Hydman-Vallien Exhibition
Jane Blocker The Prosthetic Work of History

Asian Languages & Literature

Joseph R Allen Classical Chinese Literature in the Modern World
Guriqbal Sahota Belief after Enlightenment: Religion, Literature, and Politics in Late Modern Society

Chicano Studies

Louis Mendoza A Journey Across Our America: Immigration and the Latinoization of the United States

Classical and Near Eastern Studies

S. Douglas Olson Classical Commentary Writers Workshop V
George Sheets Indo-European Study at LSA Summer Institute
Philip Sellew Coptic Texts of Ritual Power
Alex Jassen Preparation of Indices for Forthcoming Monograph Scripture and Law in the Dead Sea Scrolls (Cambridge University Press)
Bernard M. Levinson Legal Revision and Religious Renewal in Ancient Israel: A German Translation
Spencer Cole Book manuscript: Cicero and the Rise of Deification at Rome

Communication Studies

Alan Gross Creating Meaning in 19th Century British Geology
Arthur Walzer History of Rhetoric
Ronald Greene Soul Work: The YMCA Motion Picture Bureau and the Pastoral Mode of Film Exhibition
Laurie Ouellette A Cultural History of Legality on U.S. Television

Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature

Hisham Bizri Song for the Deaf Ear
Cesare Casarino South of Eden: The Sexual Communism of Pier Paolo Pasolini
Timothy Brennan Postcolonial Empires: Writing Resistance?
John Mowitt Birmingham Calling: Radio and the Emergence of Cultural Studies
Keya Ganguly Cinema, Emergence, and the Films of Satyajit Ray
Shaden Tageldin Disarming Words: Empire and the Seductions of Translation in Egypt


Ray Gonzalez The Sound of Walls: Bilingual Changes on the U.S.-Mexican Border
Tony Brown German Language Enhancement
Omise'eke Natasha Tinsley Desiring the Blue Lagoon: Sea Crossings and Fluid Identities in Caribbean Literature
Ellen Messer-Davidow New Interdisciplinary Courses
Qadri Ismail Responsible Artistic Engagement: On the Politics of Post-90s Sri Lankan Art
Michael Hancher Scholarly conferences
Evelyn Ch'ien The Edges of Language:: Contours of Emotion in a Post-Symbolic Age
Genevieve Escure Contact languages
Paula Rabinowitz The Demotic Ulysses: How Pulp Fiction Brought Modernism to Main Street
Katherine Scheil Shakespeare's Women Readers / The Afterlife of Anne Hathaway
Maria Damon Text, Textile, Exile: Meditations on Poetics, Metaphor, Net-work
Siobhan Craig Ecce Homo: The Body of Cinema
Lois Cucullu Outing Maurice: Researching and Preparing a Critical Edition of E. M. Forster’s Gay Novel
Charles Sugnet Cinema on Both Sides of the Sahara

French and Italian

Daniel Brewer Spaces of War (book index), Patrial Recall (book manuscript)
Mary Frances Brown Imaginary Courts: The Romances of Antiquity and the Construction of Court Culture in the Twelfth Century
Juliette Cherbuliez Disappearing Medea: Literature and its Exceptions
Susan Noakes The Merchants of Avignon: survey of neglected archive and conference attendance

Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies

Amy Kaminsky Jews, Gender, and Modernity in Argentina
Jigna Desai Abnormal Brains or Neuro-normativity?: Feminist and Critical Disability Perspectives on Autism


Arun Saldanha Ink and Ocean: Jan Huygen van Linschoten's Itinerario and Dutch geographical exploration

German, Scandinavian and Dutch

Richard McCormick Sex, Politics, and “Transnational” Comedy: The Films of Ernst Lubitsch—From Berlin to Hollywood
Charlotte Melin With or Without: Reading Postwar German Women Poets
Poul Houe Faces as Facts of Fiction
Monika Zagar Hamsun conference and research in Oslo
Rembert Hueser Beethoven From Scratch


Michael Lower Fighting for the Enemy: The Mercenary between Christianity and Islam
Kathryn Reyerson Identity and Encounter: The Shifting Identities of Merchants within the Medieval Mediterranean World
Patricia Lorcin Colonizing Science: Polytechnician and Military Physicians in France, Indochina and Madagascar
Thomas Wolfe Language Training and Research in Slovenia
Ruth Karras Quasi-Marital Unions in Medieval Europe
Mary Jo Maynes A Story without a Hero? European Girlhood and Female Selfhood in the Age of Nascent Liberalism, 1750-1850
Giancarlo Casale Curiosity and Intolerance: The Paradox of Early Modernity
Erika Lee Angel Island: Immigrant Gateway to America
Andrew Gallia Political and Religious Ideals on Roman Coinage
Sarah Chambers Émigrés and Citizens: Shifting Borders and Identities during South American Independence from Spain
Ann Waltner Chinese Families in World Historical Context
Malinda Lindquist When I Was Young: African American Girls and Boys in the Era of Jim Crow
Helena Pohlandt-McCormick The McGregor Museum’s Photographic Collection: Memory and Photography in a Landscape of Genocide
Christopher Isett Childhood wellbeing in late imperial China
J.B. Shank Before the "Arts and Sciences:" The Practice of Mathematics in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1750
Patrick McNamara The Cosmic Body: Disability & Race in Mexican History
Hiromi Mizuno Politics of Belonging: The History of Population in Poswar Japan


Hooi Ling Soh Form, Interpretation and Distribution of Nominal Expressions in Two Classifier Languages: A Comparative Study of Hmong and Vietnamese
Nancy Stenson Language Contact in Ireland


Mark Pedelty Music as Environmental Communication: Participatory Action Research and Pedagogy
Dona Schwartz On the Nest
Catherine Squires Radio Literacy Project at Gordon Parks High School, St. Paul


Matthew Bribitzer-Stull Anthology of Music for Classroom Performance and Analysis
David Baldwin CD Recording of Twelve Grand Artistic Studies for trumpet by August Saint-Jacome (1874)
Guerino Mazzola Gestural Composition Contest
Douglas Geers Inanna: Experimental Multimedia Theater
Keitha Hamann Historical Development of Junior High School Music Curriculum in the Early 20th Century
Alex Lubet Creating Inclusive Communities
Michael Cherlin Recent chamber music
Kelley Harness Intermedio: The History of an Italian Musical Genre
Gabriela Currie Research Trip and Conference—Republic of Armenia
Karen Painter Mozart’s Genius: Virtue and Instrumental Music
David Damschroder Harmony 1750-1850
David Walsh Song Literature as Drama
Sumanth Gopinath New Music Unboxed
Young-Nam Kim Research on Korean traditional instruments; Hae-Gum, Geomungo, Dae-Gum, Janggo
Peter Mercer-Taylor Mendelssohn's Elijah, 19th-Century Hymnody, and the Bodleian Library
John Anderson Recording Music of Joao Guilherme Ripper
Immanuel Davis Baroque Flute study and performance
Tom Ashworth A Recorded Collection of Diverse Solo Repertoire for the Trombone and Euphonium
Jean del Santo River of Horses: A Mulit-arts Celebration of the Horse/Human Bond


Naomi Scheman Index for Shifting Ground: Knowledge & Reality, Transgression & Trust
Sarah Holtman Agency, Citizenship and Cosmopolitanism: An Account of Justice in Institutions, Laws and Attitudes
Michelle Mason Re-evaluating the Reactive Attitudes
Jasper Hopkins Coincidentia Oppositorum in Nicholas of Cusa's Sermons
Roy Cook Philosophical Reflections on Comics


Gail Peterson A Case Study of Recovery from Autism: A Documentary Film


Teresa Gowan Addiction and the Neoliberal Self: Between the "Higher Power" and "Personal Responsibility"

Spanish and Portuguese

Fernando Arenas Between Emigration and Citizenship: Cultural Imaginings of the Cape Verdean Diaspora in Portugal
Carol Klee Dialect Contact in Peru: Variation and Change in Contemporary Limeño Spanish
Luis Ramos-Garcia The Independent Peruvian Theater Movement in times of War

Theatre Arts and Dance

Sonja Kuftinec The New Chautauqua: Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Emergent Community-Based Vision
Diyah Larasati Speak to the Wall: Rechoreographing History
Ananya Chatterjea Intersecting Performance and Social Justice: A creative collaborative research project
Carl Flink Field Songs - A Collaboration with Roots Rock Band The Jinnies
Cindy García Performance and Migration: Playwriting Latina-ness in "How to Make it to the Dance Floor"
Margaret Werry “Changing States and National Museums in the Global Pacific.”
C. Lance Brockman Documenting Historic Scenic Art
Michal Kobialka Liturgical representational practices and modern construction of performance/drama
Lisa Channer Research on Directors for creation of 21st Century Directors Project
Mathew LeFebvre Costume Designs For New York Based The Acting Company
Marcus Dilliard Light Emitting Diodes: Applications in Stage Lighting Technology
Joan Smith Rehearsal and recording of music and text to create dance, "Ophelia."

Writing Studies

Bernadette Longo Edmund Berkeley Biography
Donald Ross Travel in the US West 1775-1830s
John Logie The Differences Between "g" and "i" (and their consequences for communicators)
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