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Teaching and research assistantships are allocated on an annual basis. Decisions are made by the graduate faculty and announced in April or May of the academic year preceding the appointment. In making these decisions, faculty consider the student’s area of expertise, level of teaching experience, and their need to build a well-rounded teaching profile. If you wish to TA in a particular course, you should make your interest known to your adviser, and note your preferences in your annual progress report.

We applaud student efforts to seek teaching appointments outside the department. If you receive a TA appointment in another department, please inform the DGS immediately as to the percentage of the appointment and the department in which it is held. Failure to do so may jeopardize current or potential TA appointments in theatre arts. In no case may your combined TA appointment exceed 50% time without prior approval from the DGS.

We also encourage students to seek supplemental funding to support their research and writing.  There are several funding sources for graduate students available through the department and the college:

  • The department offers awards and scholarships for exemplary students. Students must apply for these funds, and applications are solicited every spring (watch for emails from the DGS and Departmental Assistant). Awards day, when departmental scholarship monies and awards are distributed, is the last Friday of spring semester.
  • Funds to support conference and research travel are available annually, and applications for these funds are solicited at the beginning of the academic year. (The deadline is announced at the annual orientation meeting; watch also for emails from the DGS). There are also funds available through COGS.
  • To keep informed of opportunities for fellowship and research funding, both inside and outside the University, be attentive to mailings from the DGS, and look for listings on the Graduate School and CLA websites. Ask fellow students, faculty advisers, and look on subject-specific list-serves appropriate to your research area.

Teaching Assistantships

The department encourages students to apply for teaching assistantships, both within and outside the department.

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