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Introducing Assistant Professor Terrion Williamson

September 15, 2016

Terrion Williamson joins the Department African American and African Studies as an assistant professor with appointments in the Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality studies as well as the Deparrtment of American Studies. Williamson’s research and teaching specializations include black feminist theory, twentieth and twenty-first century African American literature, black cultural studies, media studies, and racialized gender violence.

Williamson’s first book is titled, Scandalize My Name: Black Feminist Practice and the Making of Black Social Life.  She uses her experiences growing up in the small midwestern city of Peoria, Illinois as the staging ground for a study of how poor and working-class black women upend foregoing notions of black female representation and consequently circumvent the constraints of stereotype discourse in the making of alternative black communal formations and kinship networks. View this article about her south-side education journey.

Williamson’s current book project builds upon work started in the last chapter of Scandalize My Name.  The project is a victim-centered study of the more than 60 cases throughout the US in which black women have been the sole or primary targets of serial killers since the 1970s.