Don Allen joins the School as a teaching specialist for strategic writing for communications and media in a changing world. Allen is a native of the Twin Cities and an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Army. He is married and has two boys who are ages 9 and 11. Prior to his appointment, Don worked in corporate America for more than 20 years in internet marketing, public relations, and media. In 2015, “Mr. Allen” became a high school English teacher specializing in university courses including AP Literature, WRIT 1201 (the University of Minnesota-College In the Schools), introduction to teaching (Grow Our Own Teachers)-Southwest, public speaking, journalism, writing & rhetoric (MNSCU-Mankato), and life sciences taught to high school seniors for college credits. Allen is also the author of the curriculum for Saint Paul Public Library’s Read Brave program (2020).  Allen earned his undergraduate degree, Master of Arts in Teaching, and Master of Arts in Education at Hamline University, and was a new teacher mentor for Hamline University’s School of Education. In 2015, Allen earned the prestigious Earl E. Craven Prize in Journalism Editorial Opinion for his piece, Syria is not a US Military Problem from the Department of English at Hamline University, along with the Eliza A. Drew Prize for Best Editorial for The Hoodlum Manifesto of the Achievement Gap from Hamline University Department of Communication Studies. Today, Don is earning his Superintendent Licensure (Ed. S) at Hamline University. When asked if he wants to be a superintendent one day, Allen responds, “I will always be a classroom teacher, but it is important to understand the macros of being a servant leader and sharing that knowledge objectively with the scholars at the University of Minnesota, especially in the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communications to continue to exceed the expectations set by teachers and staff before me.”  Allen says, “I am honored to take on this new adventure at the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication and I look forward to many years of successful outcomes and academic engagement.”

Favorite Quote

“If we tell ourselves that the only problem is hate, we avoid facing the reality that it is mostly nice, non-hating people who perpetuate racial inequality.”
~Ellis Cose

Cose, E. (1993). The rage of a privileged class. New York: HarperCollins.

Second Favorite Quote

"What's dangerous is when the universe picks you. It comes with a pair of glasses and rules."

~Dick Gregory 

Obsessed with

Teaching and curriculum writing, Teacher Training, Organizational Writing, Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Health, succession planning in Education, Digital Currency, NFTs, the BlockChain, Writing to Speak, Writing to Think, Writing to be Objective, Media Bias, cooking (baking), and my 9 and 11-year-old boys. 

Personal Mission Statement

"Will sweep floors." (This means I will do whatever it takes to make sure my team wins.) 

Currently Reading (August to December 2022)

1. Teachers and the Law - by David Schimmel, Leslie R. Stellman, Cynthia K. Conlon, Louis Fischer - Pearson Higher Ed, (2014) - Education - 480 pages

2. The Ordeal of Change by Eric Hoffer (1963) Hopewell Publications 

3. If They Can Argue Well, They Can Write Well: Using Classroom Debate to Help Students Think Critically, Research and Evaluate Internet Sources, and Write and Speak Argumentatively      (2008) by Dr. Bill McBride

4. Feminism Is For Everybody - by bell hooks; New York: Routledge, (2015)

5.  Writing Your Way: Creating a Writing Process That Works for You by Don Fry (2012). F+W Media · paperback · 240 pages · ISBN 1599634104


Educational Background
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Educational Background

  • BA: English, Hamline University
  • Master of Arts in Education (M.A. Ed.) : Education , Hamline University, 2017
  • Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) : Teaching, Hamline University, 2018
  • Certification : Communication , Minnesota State University, Moorhead, 2020
  • Education Specialist (Ed.S.): Superintendent Licensure, Hamline University, 2023
  • Doctorate in Education : Education, Hamline University, Cohort13 - Hamline University