Dwight A Brown

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

Curriculum Vitae


  • geographic information and analysis
  • cartography
  • biogeography
  • environmental systems
  • global change
  • grasslands
  • human use of resources
  • landscape evolution
  • Physical Geography
Courses Taught
  • Geog 1403 - Biogeography of the Global Garden
  • Geog 5441 - Quaternary Landscape Evolution
  • Geog 5565 - Geographic Analysis of Environmental Systems and Global Change
  • Geog 8290 - Seminar: Cartography and Geographic Information
Research & Professional Activities


  • Grassland biogeography: Environmental ralations of native grass species, 2001 -
  • Living in the Biosphere: Production, Pattern, Population and Diversity. Brown, Dwight, Published by Association of American Geographers, Commission on College Geography 2, 1996.
  • Early Nineteenth-Century Grasslands of the MidcontinentPlains. Brown, Dwight, Annals of the Association of American Geographers. 83, pp. 589-612, 1993.
  • Regional Differences in the usefulness of a soil productivity index. Brown, Dwight, P. Gersmehl, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, pp. 379-382, 1991.
  • Trophic state assessment of lakes in the Twin Cities (Minnesota, USA) region by satellite imagery. Brown, Dwight, Kloiber, S.M., T.H. Anderle, PlL. Brezonik, L. Olmanson, M.E. Bauer, and D. A. Brown, Archiv fí¼r Hydrobiologie Advances in Limnology, 2000.
  • Biogeography of the Global Garden. Brown, Dwight, Brown, D., P. Gersmehl, and S. Ziegler, Kendall Hunt. ISBN 0-7575-0568-6. 286 pages + 3 color plates and CDROM, 2003.
  • Embedded Scales in Biogeography. Brown, Dwight, Susy S. Ziegler Gary M. Pereira and Dwight A. Brown, in E. Sheppard and R. McMaster, eds. Scale and Geographic Inquiry: Nature, Socitey, and Method. Blackwell Press, 2004.