David Pellow

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David Pellow is mainly interested in the intersections between social inequality and environmental conflict. He continues to work on transnational environmental justice movements and global policy frameworks concerning sustainability. He is also working on a study of environmental, labor, and immigration conflicts in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley (with Lisa Sun-Hee Park).

Educational Background & Specialties


  • Environmental justice studies
  • Racial and ethnic inequality
  • Transnational social movements
  • Labor studies
  • Immigration
  • environment
  • The Treadmill of Production: Injustice and Unsustainability in the Global Economy. Pellow, David, Gould, K. and Schnaiberg, A. , Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers, Co-Author, 2008.
  • Resisting Global Toxics: Transnational Movements for Environmental Justice. Pellow, David, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, Author, 2007.
  • Poisoning the Planet: The Struggle for Environmental Justice: Pellow, David, Brulle, R.J., Contexts, 6(1) 37-41, 2007.