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Linguistics .
S313 Elliott Hall
75 E River Rd

My research is in the way that grammatical knowledge is recruited in sentence processing and language acquisition. How do we use grammatical knowledge to generate predictions about upcoming words and phrases? How do children use previously-acquired language knowledge to learn new constructions? My work depends on traditional linguistic theory, psycholinguistic experiments, and insights from cross-language research. I also co-run the Minnesota Syntax and Psycholinguistics Lab (MSPLab) with Jason Overfelt

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • PhD: Linguistics, University of Maryland, 2015.

Curriculum Vitae


  • language processing
  • syntax
  • Child Language
  • semantics
  • South Asian languages
Courses Taught
  • LING 5001: Introduction to Linguistics
  • LING 4202: Syntax II
  • LING 5202: Syntactic Theory 2
  • LING 1701: Language and Society
  • Linguistic representations and memory architecture: The devil is in the details: Chacon, Dustin, Shota Momma, Colin Phillips, Brain and Behavioral Sciences, 39 e68, 2016. LinkDownload
  • Locality and Word Order in Active Dependency Formation in Bangla. Chacon, Dustin, Mashrur Imtiaz, Shirsho Dasgupta, Sikder M. Murshed, Mina Dan, Colin Phillips, Author, 2016. LinkDownload
  • Comparative Psychosyntax. Chacon, Dustin, University of Maryland dissertation, Author, 2015. LinkDownload
  • Descriptive Grammar of Bangla. Chacon, Dustin, Anne Boyle David, Thomas Conners, De Gruyter, Co-Editor, 2015. Link
  • Syntax: Chacon, Dustin, Thomas Conners, De Gruyter, Desecriptive Grammar of Bangla, 2015.
  • Plural shifted indexicals are plural: Evidence from Amharic: Chacon, Dustin, Chris LaTerza, Jen Johnson, Ruth Kramer, and Morgan Rood, Proceedings of NELS 44, 259–270, 2015. LinkDownload
  • New Puzzles for Shifting Indexicals: An Amharic Case Study: Chacon, Dustin, Chris LaTerza, Morgan Rood, Ruth Kramer, Jen Johnson, Cascadilla, Proceedings of ACAL 44, 158–164, 2015. LinkDownload
  • Head Movement in the Bangla DP. Chacon, Dustin, Author, 2011. LinkDownload
  • Computerized assessment of syntactic complexity in Alzheimer’s disease: a case study of Iris Murdoch’s writing. Chacon, Dustin, Serguei Pakhomov, Mark Wicklund, Jeanette Gundel, Co-Author, 2011. LinkDownload
  • Computerized analysis of speech and language to identify psycholinguistic correlates of frontotemporal lobar degeneration.. Chacon, Dustin, Serguei V.S. Pakhomov, Glenn Smith, Dustin Chacón, Yara Feliciano, Neill Graff-Radford, Richard Casselli, David S. Knopman, Co-Author, 2010. LinkDownload