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For over forty years I have been a movement educator, dancer and choreographer devoted to the exploration of the expression of the mind through the body. I graduated from the Juilliard School in 1971 and my first professional job was working in dance pioneer Anna Sokolow’s Players’ Projects. I continued to dance and perform professionally until 1995. My creative work as a choreographer and dancer always focused on how movement could fully express the states and conditions of the mind. The objectification of movement has never been my interest; rather my concerns were always about excavating and exposing the roots of the subjective experience through my work. As a director of two dance companies and an independent choreographer I received numerous grants from private foundations, the states of Indiana and Minnesota and a National Endowment for the Arts Choreography Fellowship. I was a dance teacher throughout my dance career and taught all over the United States and Canada. I have been on the faculty at the University of Minnesota from 1980 –1988 and then again from 1996 through the present. In 1990 I began my transition from dancer, choreographer and dance teacher to body-worker and movement educator. I graduated from the School for Body-Mind Centering® in 1994 and became a Certified Practitioner and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator. As a bodyworker and movement educator I help individuals discover and use the body's intelligence as they journey towards health and balance. My practice serves women and men who want to find fuller physical presence, compassion for themselves and freedom from movement or behavioral patterns that are recapitulations of past trauma. Although much of my practice concerns psychotherapeutic application, I also work with individuals (lots of dancers) recovering from physical injury, surgery or living with chronic pain. A small but important part of my practice includes children who have developmental challenges. An important dimension of my work in the world is my ongoing practice in mindfulness meditation. I integrate the methodology of mindfulness both in my private practice and in my coursework at the University. Teaching clients and students how to clarify the direct experience of mental activity and body sensations through awareness leads to a much fuller embodied presence in the here and now, whether that’s dancing, performing or just living your life. I began teaching Body-Mind Centering at the University of Minnesota in 1996 both at the introductory and advanced levels. These courses have included an Introduction to Body-Mind Centering, graduate level courses covering a five semester series, (the graduate level courses in Body-Mind Centering were discontinued in 2009 due to draconian budget cuts that affected the entire University) and The Articulate Body, a required course for Dance Majors enrolled in the BFA program.