Kyle D Green

Sociology has shown me many new and wondrous ways to explore and make sense of the world. It also made me more aware that we, as a society, have a lot more work to do. I love teaching, researching, and facilitating critical conversations through making academic knowledge more accessible.

My current and future research focuses on culture, gender, theory, and embodiment. I am drawn to projects that explore spaces and aspects of social life that are frequently ignored, but essential to revealing how we experience and make sense of the world. In particular, I seek to explore the allure of sites that are generally categorized as leisure, hobby, or mundane.My dissertation brings together these interests through an ethnographic exploration of the seductions and intimacies of the mixed martial arts gym to the participants who spend their free time employing fighting techniques on each other and crafting stories with each other.

My excitement for studying the social world, and my love of a good research question, has often led me to expand my intellectual boundaries. During my time in graduate school I have theorized the sacred divide between sports and politics, explored the relationship between athletic participation and binge drinking, looked at the use of storytelling as a form of reasoning in discussion of controversial social issues, and employed discursive analysis to better understand how the 2010 Super Bowl commercials sold a traditional brand of masculinity and the need to “wear the pants” to the American public with fellow graduate-student Madison Van Oort.

I believe that sociology can provide students the tools and desire to understand the macro level forces that shape our society as well as the more micro and personal everyday lived experiences. During my time at the University of Minnesota I have had the opportunity to design and teach “Sociological Research Methods.” The Sociology Department has honored me with both the Graduate Teaching Assistant and Graduate Instructor awards. I have also been chosen as the recipient of the SAGE 2014 Teaching Innovations and Professional Development Award.

Public engagement is central to my larger commitment to service. As a result of this belief I have served for two years on the editorial board for Contexts. I am also one of the founding graduate editors of The Society Pages whose mission is “to bring measured social science to broader public visibility and influence” and co-produce and host the Office Hours podcast. I am currently working on a new podcast project, Give Methods a Chance, with Sarah Lageson. Check for the launch of the site at on 1/1/15!

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • B.A.: Geography major, Philosophy and Honors minors, State University of New York (SUNY), Geneseo, NY, 2005.
  • M.A.: Geography, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 2008.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Sociology
  • Geography
  • Theory (Classic and Contemporary)
  • Methods (qualitative)
  • Culture
  • Gender (Masculinity)
  • The Body and Society
  • Physical Practice and Sport
  • Narratives & Storytelling
  • Intimacy & Community
  • Excess & Ritual
  • Mixed Martial Arts
Courses Taught
  • Sport & Society (University of Minnesota) - Designed and Taught
  • Social Theory (University of Minnesota) - Designed and Taught
  • Sociological Research Methods (University of Minnesota) - Designed and Taught
  • Sociology Senior Projects (University of Minnesota) - Teaching Assistant
  • Introduction to Sociology (University of Minnesota) - Teaching Assistant
  • Cities, Citizens, and Communities (University of Minnesota) - Teaching Assistant
  • Geography of the Twin Cities (University of Minnesota) - Teaching Assistant
  • Geographies of Global Cities (University of Minnesota) - Teaching Assistant
  • Physical Geography (SUNY Geneseo) - Lab Instructor
  • Humanities II (SUNY Geneseo) - Teaching Assistant
  • Sport & Society (Carleton College) - Designed and Taught
Research & Professional Activities


  • Editorial Board - The Society Pages: 2011 - present
  • Teaching Assistant Mentor: 2011 - 2012
  • Graduate Editorial Board - American Sociological Association "Contexts" Magazine: 2010 - 2011
  • Co-organizer of the SWS Brownbag Speaker Series: 2010 - 2011
  • Graduate student representative - University of Minnesota Sociology Department: 2010 - 2011
  • Graduate Student Editor, Getting Culture. New York: W.W. Norton & Co.:
  • Office Hours, Producer & Host, (2010-present):
  • Contexts, Podcast Host, (2012-present):
  • Green, Kyle (forthcoming) “Tales from the Mat: Narrating Men and Meaning Making in the Mixed Martial Arts Gym." Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.
  • Green, Kyle, Douglas Hartmann & Toben Nelson (2014) “Binge Drinking and Sports Participation in College: Patterns Among Athletes and Former Athletes.” International Journal of the Sociology of Sport. Volume 49 (3-4).
  • Green, Kyle & Madison Van Oort (2013) “We Wear No Pants: Selling the Crisis of Masculinity in the 2010 Super Bowl Commercials.” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Volume 38 (3). 695-719
  • Green, Kyle (2011) It hurts so it is real: sensing the seduction of mixed martial arts. Social & Cultural Geography, 12 377-396.
  • Green, Kyle (forthcoming) “Troubling Bodies with C.J. Pascoe, Natalie Boero, and Abigail Saguy.” Getting Culture. New York: W.W. Norton & Co.
  • Suh, Stephen & Kyle Green (forthcoming) “Constructing Culture” Getting Culture. New York: W.W. Norton & Co.
  • Green, Kyle (forthcoming) “Deep Play and Flying Rats, with Colin Jerolmack” Getting Culture. New York: W.W. Norton & Co.
  • Green, Kyle & Douglas Hartmann (2013) “Politics and Sports: Strange, Secret Bedfellows,” in Douglas Hartmann and Christopher Uggen, eds., The Social Side ofPolitics. New York: W.W. Norton & Co. 87-102.
  • the Wire goes to college: Green, Kyle, Sarah Lageson, Sinan Erensu, Contexts, 10 12-15, 2011.
  • Edgell, Penny, Kathy Hull, Kyle Green & Dan Winchester. (UNDER REVIEW) “Reasoning Together through Telling Stories: How People Talk about Social Controversies”. American Sociological Review. *This paper is the result of equal collaboration.
  • Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Award, 2012-2013
  • SAGE Teaching Innovations and Professional Development Award, 2014
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, University of Minnesota Department of Sociology, 2012-2013
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Sociology, University of Minnesota, 2010 - 2011
  • Ronald E. Anderson Technology and Social Cohesion Fellowship, 2014
  • Public Sociology Award, U of M Department of Sociology, 2010 - 2011
  • Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Travel Grant (University of Minnesota), Summer 2010
  • Graduate Research Partnership Program, Summer 2009
  • National Council for Geographic Education & Association of American Geographers Award for Excellence of Scholarship, 2004 - 2005