Joseph P Haker

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My dissertation examines the varied meanings assigned to public displays of the Ten Commandments since World War II, charting how these erstwhile representations of tolerance, national unity, and social reform came to represent the sentiment that the United States is, or should be, a "Christian nation" over the course of the postwar era.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • B.A.: History, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR, 2007.


  • Religion, Nationalism, and Politics
  • American religion
  • The Christian Right
Courses Taught
  • Religion and the U.S. Founding
  • Globalization: Issues and Challenges
  • 20th Century U.S., 1945-Present
Research & Professional Activities


  • The Rock of the Republic: Public Displays of the Ten Commandments and the Making of a Christian Nation: