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Hale Konitshek (they/them) is a PhD candidate in Feminist Studies. They have a disciplinary background in Political Science and English Literature, with a focus on comparative politics, political theory, post-colonial studies in Central America, and political rhetoric and theories of gender performance. Their dissertation analyzes the politics of justice litigation, forensic expert and witness testimony, and radical memory work by Indigenous women in Guatemala (1996-today).

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • B.A.: Political Science, English with Minor in Women's and Gender Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, 2013.
  • M.A.: Political Science - Comparative Politics and Political Theory, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 2016.


  • Feminist Theory and Philosophy
  • LGBTQ+ Politics and Queer Theory
  • Advocacy and Human Rights
  • Sexual Violence Victim Advocacy
  • Central Américan Politics
  • Critical Genocide Studies
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Comparative Literature and Rhetoric Studies
  • Philosophies of Camp and Everyday Performance
Courses Taught
  • GLBT 1001/GWSS 1007 Intro to LTBGQ+ Studies (Instructor, Fall 2019)
  • GWSS 1001 (ONLINE) Gender, Power, and Everyday Life (Instructor, Summer 2019)
  • GWSS 1005 Engaging Justice (Instructor, Spring 2017)
  • GWSS 3003 Gender and Global Politics (Co-instructor with Dr. Richa Nagar, Spring 2019)
  • GWSS 3415 Feminist Approaches to Sexual and Domestic Violence (Instructor, Spring 2018)
  • GWSS 3503 Women and the Law (Instructor, Fall 2017)
  • GWSS 4002 Politics of Engagement and Social Justice (Instructor, Fall 2018)
  • Controversies in Feminism, 1000-level (Visiting Instructor at Gustavus Adolphus College, Spring 2019)
Research & Professional Activities


  • S.O.S. of Saint Paul - Ramsey County: Sexual Violence Crisis Counselor and Advocate, since October 2015
  • Konitshek, Haley. 2017. "Calling Forth History's Mocking Doubles." Hypatia - A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, 32(3): 660-678. https://doi.org/10.1111/hypa.12334
  • Bhattacharya, Sayan, Hale Konitshek, Richa Nagar. "Feminist Interventions: Voices from the South." The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies, Anthony Orum (ed.), 2019. https://doi.org/10.1002/9781118568446.eurs0099