Harlan Morehouse

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • M.A.: Sociology, Social Anthropology, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, 2006.
  • B.A.: Literature, Social Science, Bennington College, Bennington, VT, 2002.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Nature-Society Studies, Social and Cultural Geography, Political Ecology, Environmental Philosophy
Courses Taught
  • GEOG 050 (UVM) - World Regional Geography (Instructor)
  • GEOG 1403 – Biogeography of the Global Garden (TA)
  • GEOG 3341 - Geography of Health and Health Care (TA)
  • GEOG 4002 - Environmental Thought and Practice (TA)
  • GEOG 3401 - Geography of Environmental Systems and Global Change (TA)
  • GEOG 1301 - Our Globalizing World (TA)
  • GEOG 3371 - Cities, Citizens, and Communities (TA)
  • GEOG 3101 - Geography of the United States and Canada (TA)
  • GEOG 1403 - Biogeography of the Global Garden (TA)
Research & Professional Activities

Professional Activities

  • Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Tampa, FL: “Advancing a Conceptual Agenda: Preliminary Remarks on Geophilosophy and the Geo-Social.” , 2014
  • Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Tampa, FL, : “State Theory, Climate Change, and the Left.” (Panelist) , 2014
  • Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Tampa, FL : Co-organizer with Elizabeth Johnson and Rory Rowan, “Geophilosophy and the Geo-Social.” , 2014
  • Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles, CA: Co-Organizer with Elizabeth Johnson, “Revisiting the Anthropocene: Rethinking Anthropos.“ Paper sessions , 2013
  • Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles, CA: Presentation: “Becoming Inconsequential in the Anthropocene“ , 2013
  • Workshop on Critical Climate Change Scholarship, University of Minnesota: Presentation: “Envisioning Environmental Uncertainty: Aesthetics and Anticipatory Eco-Politics" , 2013
  • Labyrinths: Navigating Complexity Across the Humanities Conference. Montreal, QC: Presentation: “The Future Beneath: Geology as Archive" , 2013
  • Vermont Technical College, Randolph, VT: Presentation: “Dark Ecology: An Applied Approach" , 2012
  • Central European University Conference in Social Sciences : Presentation: “The Making of Communities in Ruin: Eco-Survivalism and New Environmentalisms in North America“ , May 2011
  • Black Sheep Books Lecture Series – Montpelier, VT : Public Presentation: “The Banality of Catastrophe and the Beauty of Insurrection“ , March 2011
  • Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference (UKY): Presentation: “A Political Ecology of Environmental Crisis: Catastrophe, Time, Intervention“ , February 2011
  • Center for Research on Vermont (UVM) : Public Presentation: “Environmental Catastrophe, or the Catastrophe of the Environment? Remarks on Politics and Community in the Shadow of Ruin“ , October 2010
  • Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting: Paper Session: Time and Innovation: Making New, Taking Hold, Falling Apart…in Practice : Presentation: "Affinity and Survival at the Edge of Politics" , April 2010
  • American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting : Paper Session: Animal Rights, Environmentalism, and the Anthropological Perspective : Presentation: "Better Living Through Future Catastrophe?“ , December 2009
  • Theorizing Early Modern Studies 6th Annual Graduate Student Roundtable - UMN: Presentation: "Rethinking the Political Animal: Anti-Civilizationism in North America" , April 2009
  • Department of Anthropology, Sociocultural Graduate Student Presentation (UMN): Presentation: “Becoming Less Than/More Than Human“ , April 2009
  • Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting : Paper Session: Anarchism, Autonomia, and the Spatialities of Revolutionary Politics and Theory : Presentation: “Resistance and the Body in Time“ , March 2009
  • Geography Coffee Hour (UMN): Presentation: “Rethinking Radical Thought and Action in the Academy“ , October 2008


  • Dissertation: “Crafting Local Responses to Global Environmental Crises: Rethinking and Rebuilding “˜Community’ for the 21st Century“ -- My dissertation research focuses on the different ways individuals and communities negotiate their own futures with regard to 21st century global environmental uncertainty. My research does this through an interdisciplinary approach that utilizes diverse field research methods. I rely on in-depth semi-structured and non-structured interviews, discourse analysis, and ethnographic inquiry at multiple research sites in order to examine how communities develop and employ an array of anticipatory and adaptive techniques in the hopes of establishing socially, economically, and ecologically resilient structures capable of withstanding forecasted environmental challenges.
  • Special Forum: “After the Anthropocene: Politics & Geographic Inquiry for a New Epoch,”: Morehouse, Harlan, E. Johnson, Progress in Human Geography, 2014.