As a teacher, I feel that it is my responsibility to advocate for the importance of dance studies. My experience as a dance practitioner allows me to show the connections between social issues and everyday movement which demonstrates the significance of understanding dance. Because I am a dance practitioner, I encourage critical engagement of these issues, not only through writing and class discussions, but also through movement. I believe it is my job as a teacher to inspire my students through demonstrating a passionate approach which makes room for multiple voices in the classroom. Dance has long been considered a purely physical discipline in academia and my goal is for learners to understand the critical thinking involved in these art forms. I push for rigor in my courses in the form of writing and moving, which is still in process but, ultimately, will be fruitful for the students and the field of dance. As much as possible, I use a dance lens to show how this approach is useful in other academic disciplines as the majority of students in my introductory courses are not dance majors. I hone in on this approach in courses with dance majors to demonstrate how reading the world through this lens makes dancers a different type of theorizer.

Educational Background & Specialties
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Educational Background

  • Bachelors of Arts : B-Boying within Hip Hop Culture, University of Minnesota, 2012 -
  • Masters of Liberal Arts : Hip Hop Pedagogy, University of Minnesota, 2017 -


  • Practitioner of Rocking, Breaking, House, and New Jack Swing
  • Choreography and Social Justice
  • Dance Historiography
  • Theorizing Dancing Bodies