Mr Isaac S Schendel

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l am a doctoral candidate focusing on the transition from Medieval to Early Modern literary practices.  My dissertation concentrates on the German prose narrative character Till Eulenspiegel as a case study of storytelling that straddles the line between spoken word and written text, continuous biography and anecdotal episode, conservative adaptation and experimental innovation.  A key element of my topic is the influence of later authors - especially Hans Sachs and Johann Fischart - in Eulenspiegel’s transformation from a "conventional" trickster figure characterized by 16th-century social realities into a shorthand generic designation for a text’s communicative structure.

Educational Background & Specialties


  • Hagiographic Tradition
  • Epic Poetry (especially the Eckenlied)
  • 16th-Century Prose Novels/"Volksbücher"
  • Pennsylvania German Literature
Courses Taught
  • German 1001 - 1004 (Primary Instructor)
  • Scandinavian Folklore (TA)
  • Scandinavian Mythology (TA)
  • Vikings, Knights and Reformers (TA)
  • Herzog Ernst (Primary Instructor at the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)
  • 1. "The Narratology of the Prosaroman S1515 of Till Eulenspiegel and Hagiography Tradition."  Daphnis 43.2
  • 2. "The Name and Character of Till Ulenspiegel."  Studies and New Texts of the Nibelungenlied, Walther, Neidhart, Oswald, and Other Works in Medieval German Literature: In Memory of Ulrich Müller II.  Ed. Sibylle Jefferis.  Göppinger Arbeiten zur Germanistik 780 (2015)
  • 3. "Manuscript Comparison and the Characterization of the Giant Ecke in the Middle High German / Early Modern High German Das Eckenlied.” Euphorion 108.3