Rebecca Stepnitz

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909 Social Science Bldg

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I'm interested in how understandings of economic activity and the natural world influence environmental/ecological politics in the United States. In my former life I worked in international public health and injury prevention.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • BA: Human Development and Social Relations, Kalamazoo College.
  • MHS: International Health, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.


  • Environmental Sociology
  • Environmental Social Movements
  • Economic Sociology
  • Environmental Politics
Courses Taught
  • SOC 4966W: Senior Projects
  • SOC 3701: Social Theory (TA)
Research & Professional Activities


  • Market Logic and Environmental Politics: Examining the Sierra Club’s Discursive Shift, 2012:
  • Stepnitz, Rebecca, Wendy Shields, Eileen McDonald, and Andrea Gielen. 2012. Validity of smoke alarm self-report measures and reasons for over-reporting. Injury Prevention 18(5): 298-302.
  • Schachterle, Stephen S., David Bishai, Wendy Shields, Rebecca Stepnitz, and Andrea Gielen. 2012. Proximity to Vacant Properties Is Associated with Increased Fire Risk in Baltimore, Maryland Homes. Injury Prevention 18: 98-102.
  • Winch, Peter and Rebecca Stepnitz. 2011. Peak Oil and Health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Impacts and Potential Responses. American Journal of Public Health 101(9): 1607-1614.
  • Graduate Research Partnership Program, University of Minnesota, 2012