Collegiate Affiliation

Scott St. George is an associate professor of geography at the University of Minnesota and is based on the West Bank of the Twin Cities campus. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada.

Dr. St. George studies environmental variability at timescales that range from several weeks to several hundred years, with the goal of producing scientific knowledge that addresses the needs of decision-makers responsible for water supplies, renewable energy, and natural hazards. His research specializations include dendrochronology and dendroclimatology, low-frequency behavior in the climate system, and the northern Great Plains during the late Holocene.

Prior to joining the faculty at UM, Dr. St. George was a research scientist with the Geological Survey of Canada in Ottawa, Canada.

Educational Background & Specialties
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Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Geosciences, University of Arizona, 2007
  • M.Sc.: Geography, University of Western Ontario, 1998
  • B.Sc.: Geography, University of Winnipeg, 1995


  • Dendrochronology
  • Paleoclimatology
  • Wind climatology
  • Paleohydrology
  • Northern Plains
  • Canadian Prairies
  • The Red River of the North
  • Drought in North America