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My dissertation, "The Reward of Virtue: An Essay on the Relationship Between Character and Well-Being," is advised by Valerie Tiberius and Michelle Mason. I argue that the virtues are best understood as those traits of character that reliably promote success in the relationships and personal projects that are specially important to their possessor. In short, I argue that the virtues are best characterized egoistically. I defend character egoism from the following three anticipated objections: Objection 1) Character egoism inherits the flaws of ethical egoism. Objection 2) Hume's sensible knave shows the virtue of honesty can't be justified egoistically. Objection 3) Character egoism encourages adaptation to unjust social structures, rather than encouraging their reform.

Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

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  • Moral theory
  • Hume
Courses Taught
  • Phil 3311: Introduction to Ethical Theory
  • Phil 1002: Introduction to Philosophy
  • Phil 1003: Introduction to Ethics
  • Phil 3302: Contemporary Moral Problems
  • Phil 4414: Political Philosophy