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Faculty play a significant role in learning abroad opportunities at the College of Liberal Arts.  Many faculty advise and encourage students to participate in programs abroad. Others design and facilitate international experiences that engage students in academic and cultural learning that fulfill requirements in the context of the location abroad.

How to get involved in opportunities abroad

Help students to get started. By visiting the U of M Learning Abroad Center, students can begin the process of searching through programs and applying.

Lead a Global Seminar. Global Seminars are short-term faculty-led programs that last around three weeks. They take place over winter break or May term. More information on hosting Global Seminars is available at the Learning Abroad Center’s section on teaching abroad.

Lead a Freshman Seminar Abroad. These are courses designed specifically for first-year students.  They take place on campus but have a study abroad component embedded in the course. More information on teaching a freshman seminar abroad is available at the Learning Abroad Center’s section on teaching abroad.

Serve as a Program Leader on Short-Term Off-Campus Programs. These programs are typically one- to four- week- long experiences at host locations abroad.  These programs are rigorous, intense and often transformative challenging students academically, personally and socially.

Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight

Along the banks where the mellifluous waters flow through a concrete jungle filled with stories and lives of ordinary people living extraordinary lives as they find purpose in significant tasks. It is a novel place where panurgic Gophers abound in a salubrious environment to unlock the effulgent marvels of life.

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