CLA Ambassador Profiles

Meet our 2019-2020 CLA Ambassadors!

  • Kendra Anderson

    Kendra Anderson

    Forest Lake, MN
    2022, History and English
    "CLA gives me opportunities to explore areas that interest me-- inside and outside of my majors and become a well rounded scholar."
  • Colton Giammanco

    Colton Giammanco

    Hinsdale, Illinois
    2021, Economics
    "The College of Liberal Arts was the perfect college for me because of the large scope that a liberal arts degree can bring to a professional environment. The freedom of a unique degree within CLA will allow me to bring diverse perspectives to future employers."
  • Kayla Haas

    Kayla Haas

    Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
    2022, Strategic Communication
    "I chose CLA because I have always had many different passions and interests, and knew that I would be granted the opportunity to explore a best-fit career while receiving an excellent education."
  • Fariza Hassan

    Fariza Hassan

    Maple Grove, MN
    2020, Psychology & Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance
    "I love the diversity CLA provides both in and out of the classroom as well as among the people within the college!"
  • AZ Kersten

    AZ Kersten

    Minneapolis, MN
    2020, BIS: Cinema, Media Production, and Interpersonal Communications
    "CLA has allowed me the freedom to sculpt my education to meet my personal and career goals."
  • Rachel Linzbach

    Rachel Linzbach

    Buffalo, MN
    2021, Political Science
    "The College of Liberal Arts allows me to customize my degree with my many interests."
  • Cynthia Mathenge

    Cynthia Mathenge

    Shakopee, MN
    2020, Biology, Society, and Environment
    "The College of Liberial Arts has pushed me to grow out of my comfort zone by allowing me to be able to take a multitude of classes in different departments and through interacting with students from other colleges as well. It has shaped me to be a well rounded person, and taught me to think critically about problems from various perspectives."
  • Michael Reinhardt

    Michael Reinhardt

    Bloomington, MN
    2020, Spanish Studies and Political Science
    "I decided to pursue a liberal arts education because I wanted to be able to connect what I have learned across different disciplines together. No single field exists in a vacuum, and having the chance to explore and analyze these connections is what makes CLA such a great fit for me."
  • Avraham “Avi” Shaver

    Avraham “Avi” Shaver

    St. Louis Park, MN
    2019, History and Jewish Studies
    “It offers a grand opportunity to combine learning unlimited knowledge and growing skills that prepare one for life.”
  • Cali Wery

    Cali Wery

    Deerfield, WI
    2021, Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance
    "I chose CLA because I believe it provides students with a well-rounded education, career preparation, support, and a strong sense of community."
  • Priscilla Yan

    Priscilla Yan

    Shanghai, China
    2022, Biology, Society and Environment
    "I chose CLA because my major provides me opportunities to explore both natural sciences and human sciences. I always love interdisciplinary subjects as I believe they can broaden my horizon and help me learn to see things from different perspectives. It also perfectly fits with my pre-health interest."
  • Oliver Zheng

    Oliver Zheng

    Hangzhou China
    2020, Political Science and Global Study
    “The College of Liberal Arts gives me a lot of possibilities to discover myself and to grow not only as a person but as a whole person.”