Majors & Minors

What sparks your imagination?

Your liberal arts major is just one of the building blocks of your future. Our graduates succeed in a broad array of careers—law, health care, medicine, business, government, teaching, public relations and marketing, arts and entertainment, international relations, and more.

Why Minor?

Completing a minor is optional. You might choose a minor to complement your major, pursue a second area of interest, or gain skills related to your chosen career.

What if I'm undecided?

That’s OK! If you’re undecided then you probably have lots of interests—which makes you a great liberal arts student. In CLA we offer many majors that students rarely consider before they come here, subjects like: American studies, art history, Chicano/Latino studies, classics, philosophy, or urban studies. You can be successful in CLA whether you decided your major when you were 12 years old or you keep changing your mind.