CLA 1001/1002: The First-Year Experience

College Day 2015

The CLA First-Year Experience (FYE) is an online, 2-credit program (CLA 1001 & 1002) that first-year students take part in over the course of their initial fall and spring semester. This program is designed to welcome you to the University and provide you with the resources necessary to thrive here. Topics include: major declaration, career advising, health and wellness, campus engagement, and more.

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You are paired with a FYE Section Leader, who acts as a mentor throughout the year. Over the course of the program and throughout their college experience, you can be sure that someone on campus is looking out for you. Section leaders are CLA students who have been through the FYE themselves and who continue to thrive because of the support that was provided them. You are encouraged to meet with your section leader one-on-one throughout the school year, and to turn to them with questions regarding student groups, campus jobs, housing, etc.

The FYE challenges you to think outside of the box. You will learn effective study habits, goal setting, and an understanding of yourself. Most importantly, the FYE offers you a space to be yourself, meet other students, and have fun. By connecting you with faculty, staff, and campus resources—like the University Libraries, CLA Career Services, and the Learning Abroad Center—you will be prepared for the rest of your University experience and beyond.

*While most CLA freshmen will enroll in CLA 1001 and CLA 1002, please note that students admitted to the President's Emerging Scholars (PES) Program will take CLA 1005 and CLA 2005. CLA student athletes will take OUE 1086 and CLA 1002.

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