CLA 1001/1002: The First-Year Experience

If you have questions about the First-Year Experience,
talk to your CLA academic advisor during orientation or contact
CLA Student Programs at or 612-624-8675

The CLA First-Year Experience (FYE) is two one-credit online experiences—CLA 1001 and 1002—which first-year students take during their initial fall and spring semesters.

This course will challenge you to develop and refine your academic and career goals, while also connecting you to valuable resources in the College of LIberal Arts and the University. All students in the FYE will meet with their academic advisor, visit CLA Career Services, and engage with CLA faculty.

You will also be challenged to develop effective study habits, to consider opportunities for University engagement, and to maintain personal wellness throughout their first year. Throughout this experience,you will consider how your strengths, values, and interests align with your academic decisions and career and life goals, preparing you to approach your University of Minnesota experience with greater intentionality and purpose.

First-year students are also be paired with an FYE section leader, an experienced CLA student who is equipped with both an in-depth knowledge of the University and first-hand student experience. Your section leader will act as a source of support throughout your first year and an additional point of contact for any questions or concerns you have. The CLA First-Year Experience will further connect you with other valuable University resources, including the University Libraries, the Center for Academic Planning & Exploration, the Learning Abroad Center, and many more.

While most CLA freshmen will enroll in CLA 1001 and CLA 1002, please note that students admitted to the President's Emerging Scholars (PES) Program will take CLA 1005 and CLA 2005. CLA student athletes will take OUE 1086 and CLA 1002.