Career Readiness Projects

Throughout the 2016-2017 academic year, the College of Liberal Arts will incorporate Career Readiness into the liberal arts narrative through the following projects:

Current Projects

FYE 1002 Curriculum

The First-Year Experience 1002 curriculum will help elevate the focus on Career Readiness and introduce students to the language and concepts used in the ten Core Career Competencies. This curriculum will help initiate conversation about making academic and co-curricular choices with the Core Career Competency framework.

ID2201: Career Readiness for CLA Students

A CLA career course designed to help CLA sophomores continue to develop career management skills to be competitive in the job market or graduate school applicant pools upon graduation. This course will launch Fall 2017.

Strong Interest Inventory

All first-year students will use the Strong Interest Inventory to explore their academic and career options through academic advising and career counseling appointments. The Strong Interest Inventory is a tool to help users with career assessment. Students will use the SuperStrong version of the inventory. Any CLA student can access this assessment by contacting their CLA academic advisor or CLA Career Services.

Career Readiness Guidebook

An original guidebook outlines helpful tools and resources for liberal arts students to prepare them for future careers. The guidebook contains materials on career management practices to be used from the first-year through graduation. Students can pick up their guidebook at their academic advising office or at CLA Career Services.

Integrating Core Career Competencies into Curriculum and Academic Planning   

CLA is building a RATE self-assessment tool and outlining learning process to help students reflect, articulate, translate and evaluate their experiences. Students will be able to go through the RATE tool to gain an understanding of where their specific career readiness lies.

Career Readiness-Related Events

CLA will plan and host Career Readiness-related events throughout the year, in partnership with departments, alumni relations, and career services, to help students engage with how to prepare for life after college. 

Collaborate with Minnesota Employers

Coordinate a corporate relations effort with Employer Relations, Career Services, and the Office of Institutional Advancement to build relationships and engage in the workforce development conversation in Minnesota.

Establish a Faculty Compass Team

The Faculty Compass Team will champion and guide the Career Readiness effort of the college. The Faculty Compass Team will also create a Faculty Fellows Program for Career Readiness.

Proposed Projects

Career Readiness Certificate

A certificate designed for students looking to demonstrate career readiness on their transcripts. The certificate requires students to take action on specific items/courses/activities related to CLA Career Readiness.