FYE 1002 Spotlight Series

Spotlight on Leadership

Students may choose to apply for a specialized Research section of CLA 1002. This course will be specifically designed to help students who are interested in research opportunities to explore their unique interests, learn how to become involved at a renowned research university, and connect with researching faculty members. By the end of the course, students will be able to articulate their specific research interests, have made connections with influential staff and faculty, and have a clearer idea about what kinds of research opportunities are available to them.

Spotlight on Research

Students may choose to apply for a specialized Leadership section of CLA 1002. This section was created to help students better understand their personal leadership styles, learn more about what leadership is, and develop the necessary skills to become respected and effective leaders in their academic and professional futures. Students in this section will become more comfortable assuming leadership roles, and are encouraged to continue pursuing leadership positions across campus and the Twin Cities community.

Spotlight on Social Justice

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