Spring 2021: The CLA Way


The academic experience in the College of Liberal Arts is a mix of in-person, remote, online, and blended courses for the Spring 2021 semester.


There are four ways classes are being taught in Spring 2021: 

In-Person Classes
Students and instructors meet in person for class at regularly scheduled days and times.

Remote-Instruction Classes
Students and instructors must be online at the same time, at scheduled days and times. 100% of instruction is online with no in-person meetings. Exams are also all online.

Online Classes 
Instructors provide materials and assignments that students access online at any time or within a given time frame (such as one week), rather than instructors and students meeting together as a class on a regular schedule. Exams are also all online.

Blended Classes
Students can expect a combination of delivery methods: in-person and online or remote. 

These webpages are updated as more details become known. Check back regularly and learn more in the links and FAQ below about how CLA will keep students learning optimally throughout 2020-21.



Faculty Member Writing

Support for Course Design

Any online components for Spring 2021 are intentional, with CLA faculty and instructors working hard to build in the highest teaching standards for online courses, as well as for in-person courses that may need to switch to remote learning. They are supported by our Liberal Arts Technologies and Innovation Services (LATIS) team and many other University resources as they design their courses to maximize quality learning under any conditions.
How We Ensure Online Quality


Health & Safety Precautions

A series of actions to increase public health and safety have been implemented across the Twin Cities campus. This includes requirements and guidelines for personal prevention of virus spread, self-monitoring for symptoms, testing and isolation for those with the COVID-19 virus, and contact tracing and quarantine for those exposed. Classrooms, labs, and other academic spaces are cleaned and disinfected frequently in high-touch areas such as work surfaces, equipment, controls, door handles, elevator panels, and railings.
Guidance for Shared Spaces
My Community is safer because I do my part, Wash your hands, Stay apart, wear a mask, see all guidelines at z.umn.edu/covid19


Guide to Online Learning

Online Learning Resources

Our resource page helps you set yourself up for success in our online formats. Find out about the home technology required to access CLA’s online courses and the software available for free to our students. Get introduced to Canvas, CLA’s online platform. Canvas delivers our courses that are fully online or blended and also supplements our in-person courses. Find online learning tips that include planning and organizing your tasks, managing your time, participating in study groups effectively, taking essential breaks, and getting support from faculty and staff.
Guide to Online Learning



Answers to questions about the academic calendar, course formats, course scheduling, academic experiences outside the classroom, academic advising, and career counseling are included in the FAQ. Check frequently for updates to the answers as more information becomes available. You can also submit questions to be considered for inclusion in the FAQ.
Frequently Asked Questions

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