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April 4: Barriers to decolonizing scholarship

An Event in the Critical Community Engagement Roundtable Series
April 4, 2017 -
3:00pm to 4:30pm

The Critical Community Engagement Roundtable is a learning community that supports faculty, staff, and students to deepen their capacity for authentic community engagement. 

“This is not simply a call for the creation of university-community ‘partnerships,’ nor a call for engaging in tourist forms of activist-scholarship, much less a redeployment of more academic conferences - In becoming both participants and students of grassroots research collectives, we enter spaces of struggle and solidarity in the deepest sense possible, generating historically new accounts and practices that can respond locally to colonialism, thus generating spaces of recovery and healing that become the fertile soil for seeds of inquiry and research that are inherently political, ethical, and accountable to the communities that make research possible. And it is thus how we begin to reclaim our research: by first decolonizing the spaces that make research possible, our identities are also transformed...” --Zavala, Miguel. (2013). "What do we mean by decolonizing research strategies? Lessons from decolonizing, indigenous research projects in New Zealand and Latin American." Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp.55-71.

Co-Sponsored by the Office for Public Engagement and the Department of American Indian Studies