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Ojibwemowin Nawajiing

“Ojibwe Immersion Lunch”
October 3, 2017

The purpose of the Ojibwe immersion lunches is to give Ojibwe language students (and any community members who wish to join in) an opportunity to be able to be immersed in the Ojibwe language and an opportunity to use it in an unstructured environment. Students can come and just listen or be actively involved in conversations. This is an opportunity to talk about anything that may come up, to learn new vocabulary, to learn new grammar patterns, or to just have fun speaking Ojibwe. The goal is to have fun! Those that come every week tend to see improvement in their language skills!

When: Wednesdays, 12:00 pm -1:00 pm

Where: American Indian Student Cultural Center, Coffman Union

Rules of Engagement

  • No English allowed except if you ask How do you say _______? (Aaniin ekidong _________?) or What is ________? (Wegonen i’iw _______?). Then an English translation of the word can be given.

  • Please resist the urge to give long English oratories. Stay in Ojibwe. This can be frustrating, but you must try to say whatever you’re wanting to say in Ojibwe. You can always say it after the lunch is over, but not during. We must stay in Ojibwe.


Some Survival Phrases

Aaniin ekidong _______?                                                       How do they say ________?

Aaniin keyaa ge-ikidoyamban _______?                               How would you say ________?

Wegonen i’iw _______?                                                         What is ________?

Gaawiin ninisidotanziin.                                                         I don’t understand.

Gaawiin ginisidotoosinoon.                                                    I don’t understand you.

Bekaa                                                                                     Hang on! Wait!

Hay’                                                                                        Expression when something doesn’t go your way.

Gaawiin, gaa, ka’, gaa’n                                                         No

Enyanh’, eya’                                                                         Yes

Geget                                                                                     For sure, truly

Ahaaw                                                                                   Alright

Ahaaw goda                                                                          Alright then

Miinange                                                                               Of course (like responding to Miigwech)

Awenh, ine                                                                           Nuh uh

Naabisa                                                                                Yeah, right!

Oonh                                                                                    Oh (like in conversation, positive affirmation)

I’iw ina?                                                                                Is that so?

Mii-na gwayak?                                                                    Is that correct?

Yay, Ay yay                                                                          Oh geez, Oh lord, Goodness gracious, whoa.

Oy yoy                                                                                  Expression to show pity or sarcasm.

Miigwech                                                                              Thank you!

Shaa indikid.    (shaa = anishaa)                                          I’m kidding. Lit. “I’m just saying that.”

Shaa gidinin.                                                                         I’m just kidding. Lit. “I’m just saying that to you.”