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Alumni News & Achievements

A CLA education develops imaginative and resourceful people who are committed to service and leadership in every sector of society. They have a deep understanding of diverse perspectives. They think independently, critically, and creatively.

Our alumni excel in many fields: health care, politics, education, entertainment, arts, business, and social justice among others.

Time Kehoe

The Economic Fallout From COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis is taking a serious toll on the economy. Job losses are mounting, and the stock market has declined sharply during the past few weeks. Timothy Kehoe, the Distinguished McKnight Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Minnesota discusses the current economic situation. An episode from Diologue Minnesota.
Photo of Alysha Alloway standing on a light rail train platform as a train approaches the station

A Better Way to Get There

To Alysha Alloway (master of geographic information science ’19), a map can explore how the homeless interact with transit in the Twin Cities, and how a community can create a transit system that meets the needs of all its citizens. Her project, “A Better Way to Get There,” recently won the “Most Provocative/Transformative” award in the U of M’s annual U-Spatial Mapping Prize contest.
Portrait: Professor Timothy R Johnson


Professor Timothy Johnson wanted to shine a light on a rich primary source for researchers in political science and law--the handwritten notes of past Supreme Court justices. But first, he needed help from a few hundred citizen scientists.
Alex West Steinman

The Coven: Magic, Power & Inclusivity

Alumna Alex West Steinman (BA '11, journalism) launched The Coven, a space for people who have been marginalized to create and collaborate. “The University is so big, so you have to make it smaller for yourself which means finding a community within a community,” says Steinman. “That’s what I’m doing at The Coven: creating space for community to be uncovered.”