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Alumni News & Achievements

A CLA education develops imaginative and resourceful people who are committed to service and leadership in every sector of society. They have a deep understanding of diverse perspectives. They think independently, critically, and creatively.

Our alumni excel in many fields: health care, politics, education, entertainment, arts, business, and social justice among others.

Portrait: Professor Timothy R Johnson


Professor Timothy Johnson wanted to shine a light on a rich primary source for researchers in political science and law--the handwritten notes of past Supreme Court justices. But first, he needed help from a few hundred citizen scientists.
Alex West Steinman

The Coven: Magic, Power & Inclusivity

Alumna Alex West Steinman (BA '11, journalism) launched The Coven, a space for people who have been marginalized to create and collaborate. “The University is so big, so you have to make it smaller for yourself which means finding a community within a community,” says Steinman. “That’s what I’m doing at The Coven: creating space for community to be uncovered.”